Benefits You Can Get When You Hire Kenny Perez Law For Your Motorcycle Accident

Hiring an attorney is one of the best things a victim can do after being involved in a motorcycle crash. These events can happen at any time, and in most cases, they cause serious and lasting damage. Between totaled bikes and personal injuries, motorcycle accidents can be costly—but if you weren’t at fault, you should owe nothing.

Thankfully, our firm’s attorneys are here to provide several benefits to those who have been in a motorcycle accident. In this guide, we’ll explain how an attorney can help a victim move on and recover.

Seeking Compensation

The primary benefit of hiring an accident attorney is the ability to seek compensation for one’s damages and injuries. While it’s possible to do this alone, having a legal representative will allow you to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Without an attorney, you’d have to take several steps to file a legal claim—and you’d have to prove to the court that the case is legitimate. However, a lawyer can do all this and so much more.

Collecting Evidence

The collection of evidence is something many victims find challenging, but motorcycle accident lawyers know what to look for and how to find it. An attorney will seek eyewitness testimonies, photos, videos, and other documentation that builds a strong court case. Before going to trial, you will likely meet with the at-fault party’s legal team to discuss a settlement. When the above evidence is presented, a fair settlement is more likely.

Getting Represented in Court

Another significant benefit of hiring an accident attorney is the courtroom representation they provide. When you’re asked to speak in court, your lawyer will advise you on what to say, and they’ll ensure that the story given fits the evidence provided.

Filing the Right Paperwork

Filing a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident requires a significant amount of paperwork, which is tough to fill out if you have never done it. Thankfully, motorcycle accident attorneys can obtain these documents and file most on your behalf. Texas only gives accident victims two years to file a claim, so it’s important to start early. With a lawyer’s help, you’ll get documents filled out accurately and handed in on time.

Getting Through the Legal Process Sooner

Documentation isn’t the only thing that prolongs the claims process. Every step requires effort and attention to detail, and unless you have a legal representative, you’ll likely wait a while for compensation.

Local motorcycle accident lawyers will reduce the need for unnecessary work, and they’ll take care of most tasks for you. When there’s an attorney in your corner, it shows that you’re serious about the case.

Understanding the Outcome

When initiating a motorcycle accident claim, many wonder what will happen to their cases. Personal injury attorneys are great at offering rough estimates of the level of compensation one may receive. While the exact amount of damages will vary, it will depend on factors such as medical bills, lost income, and property damage. If your bike is a total loss, you’re out of work, and medical bills are piling up, expect a higher settlement. An accident attorney will crunch the numbers for you—so you can go into the process with a clear idea of what to expect.

Look for An Accident Attorney Today

Anyone who’s been involved in a motorcycle crash should hire legal representation right away so they can determine if they’re eligible to receive compensation. Contact us now to learn how we can help you move on after a devastating injury.