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@skopemag news – monday – december 20, 2021 @ 11 pm est

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American Hard Rock Band ARTIFAS Releases New Single “Legacy” via IMAGEN RECORDS; Announce Tour Dates with Nonpoint!

Hard rock band ARTIFAS released their new single “Legacy” via Imagen Records! The single is from their forthcoming album titled Reflections due out January 14, 2022. The band will be on tour with Nonpoint with the start date of January 7, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN at Emerson Theatre.

“Legacy is a question, both to ourselves and our listeners. The question is what will you leave behind when your time is up? This is something we ask ourselves constantly. You only get one life. Are you doing everything you can to live the best life you can? In the end will you be satisfied with the legacy you leave behind?” says the band.

Bandgang Lonnie Bands Evokes Eminem in “Where Is Marshall” Video

A student of hip-hop with a sharp sense of humor, Bandgang Lonnie Bands has a way with punchlines that would make fellow Detroiter Eminem proud. Paying tribute to Detroit’s most famous rap export in his new video, Lonnie shares “Where Is Marshall.” The song is produced by L.A. sound architect Cypress Moreno, who mutates Dr. Dre’s classic beat for “The Real Slim Shady” by adding the distorted 808s and bouncy snares of modern Michigan rap. Using his own nonchalant, sing-song flow, Lonnie recounts growing up not far from Eminem’s home and brags about “breaking bad like I’m Heisenberg” and having “dope so good the fiends stalk you.” Directed by Anfy, the video deposits Lonnie in a trailer park not dissimilar to where Marshall Mathers grew up, as the 6 Mile rapper stars in moments that evoke Em’s best videos, including “The Real Slim Shady,” “My Name Is,” “Forgot About Dre,” and “Lose Yourself.” “Where Is Marshall” is a highlight track from Hard 2 Kill, Lonnie’s acclaimed album, released in October.

VINCENT CROWLEY – Release Videoclip For “Masquerade Du Macabre”

ODIUM RECORDS announces a new videoclip “Masquerade Du Macabre” from the album of an underground legend – VINCENT CROWLEY “Beyond Acheron” which was released in June.

Welsh thrash metal band, Madicide, releases single ‘Death March’

Back after their five-year hiatus, Thrash Metal band, Madicide are announcing their return to the scene with a new version of their previous release, ‘Death March’.The track features the weight, speed and energy of metal combined with oldschool death metal references, with strong influences from the classic bands of the genre with their amazing riffs, dirty sound and marked beat.

Watch Prog-Rock Septet Thank You Scientist “Leak” ‘The Matrix 4’ in New “Soul Diver” Video

Ahead of the official Matrix 4 movie release, playful prog-rock septet Thank You Scientist have “leaked” the film in their newest music video for their latest single, “Soul Diver.” Complete with virtual reality and sword fights, the video is directed by and stars longtime TYS collaborator, Richie Brown.

Artist: The Magic Epic – Track: Sally

Her health suffered, which was a constant worry for him and then Sally had a brief fling with a guy they both knew and she became pregnant. She never looked back at her clubbing days and her health restored, she started to glow like never before when her child was born. They were there for each other through their hard times and so this inspired Toby to write the song to honour the battles she went through to become what she is today. Sally also made him godfather to her child.

RZA x Flatbush Zombies Release “Quentin Tarantino” today

The music video for “Quentin Tarantino” is also out today, celebrating the work of visionary director Quentin Tarantino, and continuing where the “Plug Addicts” visual left off. The white suit-attired Zombies roam around Los Angeles in their vintage wheels, spitting dark lyrics over the track’s dreamlike beat. RZA reprises his role as executioner, reimagining Mr. Blonde’s iconic cop-torture scene beat. The video, like “Plug Addicts” was shot and directed by John Tashiro (of SHOTCLOCK) in Downtown LA.


Starring Will Arnett, Rumble is an entertaining and original animated family film that explores the world of monster wrestling and celebrates moving to your own groove and paving your own unique path to success. Based on the graphic novel Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell, Rumble is directed by Hamish Grieve, screenplay by Hamish Grieve and Matt Lieberman and produced by Brad Booker and Mark Bakshi. Executive producers are Steve O’Brien, Chuck Peil, Frank Smith, Naia Cucukov, Jeff Fierson, Susan Levison and Richard Lowell.

LUCKI Zooms Through Life in the Evocative Video for “2019”

New single and music video from Jamila Al-Yousef (chamber pop)

“SUN” is all about realizing we don’t need to fight all the time to feel accepted in this challenging world. If this pandemic showed one thing it is to step up our self care. Stop hiding your needs, show up, take time to heal your trauma and build yourself a healthy rhythm – like sun and moon. Sometimes they are not visible, dealing with their shadows in then dark to then rise stronger and brighter.

Dee Watkins Floats Around Ft. Lauderdale in New “Right Or Wrong” Video

Rhyming with a deep drawl and innate sense of melody, Florida’s Dee Watkins turns heads with his clear-headed reality raps. Taking stock of his changing position as he heads into a new year, Dee shares “Right Or Wrong,” a new song and music video. Marked with speaker-knocking percussion, airy vocal samples, and an appealing mix of piano and electric keys, “Right Or Wrong” finds Dee in a reminiscent mood, thinking back on all the sordid things that he did to keep himself alive while trying to make it in rap, resolves not to trust anyone who hasn’t been there from the beginning, and echoes a sentiment too many in the rap game are feeling right now: “You gotta face all your problems, ain’t no point in running/So many people been dying, feel like the trenches haunted.” In the video, directed by Dee’s frequent collaborator Herve Mompoint, the North Florida boy heads south to cruise around Ft. Lauderdale, counting his cash as he cruises in his all-black SUV.

DISCONNECTED SOULS Release Cover of “Merry Xmas (War Is Over)

DISCONNECTED SOULS are continuing their annual tradition of releasing a Christmas cover. Their most recent cover, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Merry Xmas (War Is Over)” receives a dramatic, heavy reimagining. Fusing metalcore sounds with intense electronics, folk instruments and a choir singing in Latin, the genre busting outfit have produced their most dynamic seasonal treat yet.

The band comments:

“This year’s Christmas cover was a challenge! We knew that the song could be interpreted in a number of different styles, but we didn’t want to release multiple versions and so chose to combine all our ideas into one. Despite the trials of mixing so many ideas into one track, we’re thrilled with the result.”

CARMERIA Release Video Of “All The Good Girls Go To Hell” by BILLIE EILISH

Australia’s CARMERIA have revealed a video for their cover of the BILLIE EILISH song “All The Good Girls Go To Hell”. The song was recently released as a single on all streaming platforms.

Vocalist, Jordan Von Grae comments:

”We are very excited to be releasing this new single. A lot of the material from our debut full-length (Advenae) had been written and recorded by the end of 2019, and in the years since we’ve been working quite diligently behind the scenes, laying the groundwork for our second album. We’ve been working on developing our production process, and felt that a cover-single would be the perfect opportunity to experiment with our new team. Needless to say, we’re very pleased with how it’s turned out, and can’t wait to begin production on album two.”