Music Artist Asi Vidal Releases His New Single ‘Stairs’

Asi Vidal – a renowned DJ and producer for electronic dance music again impacts the music world. He is releasing his new single entitled ‘Stairs’ under his new Acro name – Psytro Killer. A project of Electro / Progressive House with a Psychedelic trance feel to it, the album’s songs are a compilation of future bass, electronic dance, and trance crossover music. ‘Stairs’ is a blasting dance tune, kicking up the gears with a powerful melody line that is a sweet spot between growing and reminiscing the past, leading into a heavy-handed, pumping beat, topped by the spaceshipstyle, out-of-this-world digitized plucks, pulling back the reigns come to the breakdown for space to breathe. Then explode with harmonized wheel and power driving bass-line that rolls under the melody.

‘Stairs’ is like an always rising melody that elevates and expands your consciousness. ‘Stairs’ is hands in the air anthem with a beaming pulse of melodic energy that will be the perfect addition to Psytro killer DJ sets. The project was inspired by musicians such as “The Prodigy” and “Infected Mushroom,” and the tracks were mixed with a great open space in mind. Asaf Vidal Vanunu, better known as Asi Vidal, is an International DJ, re-mixer, and producer of dance music. Before this album, Asi Vidal has a collaboration with many renowned music artists including, DJlO, SEM!O, NFG, and ORII, and released singles such as “Hot”, “First Wave” and “L.A” in 2020. In 2018, Asi Vidal released his second album “Strike Hard” containing 10 tracks.

Asi Vidal says “I know that my new upcoming album “Higher Self” is much more ready for the dance floors. I developed my sound to a point where I’m feeling good about it. It took me years to keep improving as a producer and get these results, From the very beginning of this project, I had in mind the dark psytrance vibe with the warm Progressive House sound.” Love and music are the gifts used when Asi Vidal engages with the crowd to conquer hearts and inspire hope whenever he graces the stage. Born and raised in Or-Aqiva, Israel, amongst a humble beginning, Asi Vidal got a calling at a very young age to produce music. After leaving Israel, he took his talents to Los Angeles California. He quickly gained a small cult and became a high-demand independent artist, due to his diversity as a music artist and his natural-born performer flair.

Asi Vidal grew through the years to become one of the most social community’s favorite artist / DJ and has since grabbed the world’s attention with his music. On the introspective track, he creates a melodic masterpiece, demonstrating that he isn’t bound by one style of EDM. He’s an artist who naturally stands out – the confidence and attitude he brings to his DJ sets is unrivaled by his peers. The music of Psytro Killer is claimed to have healing powers, because of its meditative nature and the 7 healing frequencies that Asi Vidal used while producing the album in order to make the listeners enjoy a magical experience. Easily recognized by his signature poignant Beats, which creates an interstellar, cosmic atmosphere and also keeps alive the quintessential trance vibe. Thrilling, sensational, and electrifying, Asi Vidal featuring Psytro Killer – Stairs is an anthem to create moments and make people dance. It will offer a conducive environment in which people even with cognitive and developmental differences; can enjoy the world of music.

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