Riku(戮) Presents ‘Rin Pun’

Riku delivers a whole plethora of fragile feelings and thoughts on the tremendous rush “Rin Pun.” All of this deserves to be absolutely blasted, for volume is a must. Vocals run through it all, serving as the very backbone of the work. Elements of metal, industrial, thrash, hard rock, delivered with a bit of balladry, helps keep the listener on their toes. Instrumentally too, these songs are packed to the brim with intricate detail. Layer upon layer enters into the mix balanced delicately and virtually on the edge of collapse at all times.

By far the highlight, the opener holds nothing back. The rhythms have a great dexterity to them. Industrial beats, gentle high-hats, all of them help to add to the tribal fever of the work. Riffs crush virtually everything in their path. It is that environment that makes the vocals that much more prominent. So many different genres get thrown into this colossal stance, for the whirlwind of activity is enough to knock the listener off their feet. Ending things on a gentler note, the closer explores smaller sounds. Still possessing a metallic gleam to the guitar work, a degree of restraint is employed for good measure. Everything about it features a sense of peace that radiates throughout, all the way to the very last moments.


On “Rin Pun,” Riku proves to be a true poet with stories that linger in the mind long after the songs have ended.