New Video By ‘The Factory’ by We Left As Lions

We Left As Lions brings together heavy metallic riffs with a flair for the dramatic on the fury of “The Factory”. Rhythms feature a driving propulsive force behind them. Holding nothing back, the ebb and flow of the sound imbues the work with so much life. Volume crashes over the listener for there is a force of nature aspect about it. Right in the center of it all are those pleading, yearning lyrics that reveal the tender side of their textures. By having this juxtaposition of the soft and loud, there is a complexity added to the otherwise brutal onslaught. Stylistically the song brings in elements of metal, noise rock, and more into a careful mix.

From the very beginning of the song there is a beauty to it. How they start off with a hushed demeanor gives it a cinematic aspect to it. They embrace the heavier side of things, making sure that they ride the distortion for all it is worth. Kept relatively tight, the song veers wildly. Everything about it features their incredible interplay. Quite fantastic the way they have an implied geography to it. With a spaciousness of the work there is a grandeur to it. Buildup of the work has a surprising subtle aspect to it. On the low-end side of things, they carry a gargantuan weight allowing the drums an additional power about it.

“The Factory” revels in the exquisite charms of We Left As Lions, proving them to be exceptional storytellers.

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