Laura Davies Presents “Do You Feel?”

Through the distorted noise of the EDM scene comes Laura Davies, a 16-year-old singer/songwriter ready to make her debut. In the production of her first song, “Do You Feel?,” with Tyrone C, the young vocalist brings simplicity and elegance through her lyrics. Much like Billie Eilish, Laura Davies has an ethereal voice and approach to music that is mature and breathes life into the more mainstream instrumentals. Her unique style and creative vision make her a standout artist, ready to make it big in the industry.

Step into a hypnotic state of mind in “Do You Feel?,” an otherworldly EDM dance mix that combines the singer’s melodic choruses with Tyrone C’s dark, warped vocals. The song feels like a dreamy haze that sits somewhere between feeling like you are at an underground club and transcending through space. Laura Davies has that gentle, warm presence that grounds you, while Tyrone C takes you on a mysterious trip through the unknown. The music video captures this unique sound through hauntingly beautiful shots and visuals. As the electronic instrumentals kick up, the video takes a turn to a grim side. A dagger is raised to the camera, while flashes of blood, police lights, and Laura Davies dressed as a ghost fill the shots. By the end of the video, you’re left with a pang of emptiness and yearning for more.