Downloading the fantasy app to play cricket

Today, many people love to play games online as they are not able to play the games on the playground. Today, due to pandemic situation, many people are not visiting public places. But, they are eager to play sports or games that are provoking. The games that are commonly played online are cricket, football, ludo, rummy, etc. You can win attractive cash prizes playing games online. To win a game, you should know the rules of the game. So, if you are fond of playing cricket, then you can download the app of cricket earn money and win attractive prizes. You can win attractive prizes winning the game and hence you can learn the art of earning also. Many college-goers and adults are earning income playing the game of cricket.

Playing cricket game on the ground

The game is played in a different way than playing on the ground. The game of cricket is played by 11 players in each team. The players play cricket game using a bat and a ball. This game consists of two teams namely bowling team and batting team. The bowlers throw the ball in a particular style to the batsmen and the batsmen should strike the ball using a heavy bat. The batsmen can win 2 runs, 4 runs, or 6 runs depending upon the position they throw the ball. The bowlers and batsmen should both follow some rules to play the game. If the batsman accidently strikes the stumps, then he is clean bowled and hence is dismissed in the game. The batsman is also dismissed from the game if he is succumbed to catches, run-out, LBW etc. When all the batsmen are the game are dismissed, then the bowling team wins the game or the game gets over. The team scoring higher runs wins the game. The bowlers should throw the ball in the proper direction. If they throw the ball too away from the batsmen position, then it is a wide ball or a ‘no ball’. They should follow the bowling rules to play the game. To play the game of cricket, you should use cricketing skills. You should learn the art of bowling, fielding and batting to play the game of cricket on the ground. You should download the app of cricket earn money to play the game and also win attractive prizes.

Playing the game of cricket downloading the app

This game is also played online in a different way. This game also consists of 11 players in each team. To play the game of cricket, you should download an app, register your name online and start playing. Before playing the game of cricket, you should read the rules and regulations of the game. In this game, you should just choose a team of 11 players and watch them playing online. If the players are performing well and if your team wins the game, then you can win attractive prizes. Before playing the game, the players also toss the game. They should analyze the pitch conditions and weather online to choose whether to do bowling or batting. Then, you can choose bowling or batting for the team. In this game, you should choose captains, vice-captains, fielders, all-rounder, bowlers and batsmen. You should wisely choose a captain who is capable of leading the other players in the team. The captain gets 2 x points, where as the vice-captain earns 1.5 x points. Then, you should choose the other players such as fielders, bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders etc.

How to select the players to play the game?

You should wisely play the game of cricket that is capable of performing in the best manner. To choose a team of 11 players, you should review the previous record of the players. Based upon their previous scores, you can choose players for the particular position. You can analyze if a player is a good bowler, batsmen, or an all-rounder. Your chance of winning depends upon the performance of the players and hence you should choose the players wisely. So, downloading the fantasy apps is a simple task and you can download free.

Tossing before the game and playing the game of cricket

In real game of cricket, the players toss to choose bowling or batting. So, you should choose batting or bowling depending upon the pitch and weather conditions. You can play different types of cricket game online such as leagues, one-day international, test series, etc. So, you should choose the best players who can provide optimal performance in the match. You should check the recent performance of the players and also consider average performance. The player should have recently played the match. You should preferably choose the class players. Before choosing the players, you should also consider the pitch and weather conditions. Is the pitch dry and hence it is conducive for spinners. So, you can choose the best spinners in the team. If the pitch consists of red soil and the surface is tough, then it is conducive for swing bowlers as the ball easily bounces. You should check the latest news of the players and hence you should choose a right bowlers, batsmen, wicket keepers and fielders depending upon the performance. You should create multiple teams to win prizes.

Winning the game and playing the game

You should learn to play the game to win attractive prizes. To win the game, you should choose the players wisely. You can read the rules to win the bonus points. Before playing the game, you should analyze the pitch conditions, soil type, and if the pitch is conducive for bowlers or batsmen.

Today, many people enjoy playing the game online as it contains attractive graphics and interesting features. Playing the game, you not only learn the rules of the game, but also the art of winning prizes. You can read the ways to earn bonus points and how to choose the combination of players wisely. In this game, you also learn to decide and analyze the players who are capable batsmen, bowlers, fielders, wicket-keepers or all-rounders. The all-rounders should be capable of batting and bowling both. So, to enjoy playing the game online, you can download the fantasy app.