@skopemag Review: Leol’s New track ‘Savages’

A minimal yet affectionate take on futuristic R&B, Leol provides a real passion on the intense “Savages”. The sound has a crystal clarity about it. Production has a great glimmering sheen about it making sure that every single detail matters. His voice is mixed front and center with a degree of pure love for the surroundings. Everything else around him pays tribute to the sheer strength of his words. Little details here matter, from the slight drop of the bass to the way that the beats hit in their own uneven way. Melody has an understated quality yet perfectly accentuates his style.

The glowing introduction sets the tone for what follows. Languid tempos take over for they go deep into the red. Bass has a nimbleness to it for it rolls on through nicely anchoring the whole groove. Upon the inclusion of his vocals though, that is when the song comes into bloom. Every single element shines with such pristine beauty about it. Verses are woven together until they form an abstract narrative of sorts, making sure it all has a kaleidoscopic array to it. In part due to the late-night noir vibes, the song has a futuristic gleam to it. The volume is not even a must it is a given for there is an intensity to the way it all gets moved forward. By the final stretch the piece swirls about in a way that feels fully earned.

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“Savages” shows off Leol’s uncanny ability to craft a universe entirely of his own design.