Evaluating Immigration Lawyers

There are stories all over about business success, finding the right business and lifestyle balance, and integrating technology to improve your life. Technology has made it easier for people to submit immigration forms and access information about how their business can improve by using visas to get foreign workers or how people can get a green card after they get married. There are many things that qualified immigration attorneys US based can do for individuals and for companies.

For example, businesses might need to hire a top-tier immigration lawyer to facilitate the hiring of foreign workers if the company wants to include the immigration process and paperwork as part of the hiring package. Similarly, someone who was engaged to a citizen might use immigration attorneys to help submit packages that not only substantiate the marriage but evaluate qualifications to receive a green card.

There are many ways that businesses can find success and individuals can find a good lifestyle in the United States thanks to comprehensive immigration laws. Immigration law is a federal set of laws which means it’s handled at the federal level so the attorney doesn’t have to work in a specific state in order to help individuals or businesses with their complex immigration matters.

What Does a Immigration Law Attorney Do?

An Immigration lawyer focuses on all of the areas of immigration law that apply to foreign workers who come to the United States to work in a legal capacity, individuals who want to become permanent residents of the United States, immigrants who want citizenship, Asylum Seekers, people who are facing government deportation, or just individuals who want to make sure they are on the right side of legal paperwork as they move through the complicated steps for immigration. They can help businesses hire foreign workers, help foreign workers who want to move the US, and more.

How Much Does the Immigration Lawyer Average Cost?

Immigration law attorneys near you will cost more than most other types of attorneys. Due to the complexity of immigration matters, attorneys will typically charge a flat rate. In other areas of law you might be charged based on the hour of work put out not just by the attorney but by the paralegal in their firm or the secretary or any other legal assistants they have. This is not the case with most immigration attorneys.

With immigration attorneys, they will explain what their fees are during the consultation so that you know about how much they will charge for a situation like yours. This flat fee might be $5,000 or $10,000 depending on what it is you are trying to do, but it also applies to your case no matter how complex it becomes.

Why are Immigration Attorneys so expensive?

Immigration attorneys are expensive because there is a lot of paperwork and it has to do with the federal government, not just a local district judge. Paying a flat fee for your immigration lawyer can be beneficial to you depending on your situation because it means that you know exactly how much to expect and how much you need to set aside for your legal services. What’s more, if your immigration application turns out to take a few extra months or your paperwork is denied but you are resubmitting, that might all fall under that flat fee you have already paid which means the attorney will continue to work on your case no matter how much longer it takes.

What are average immigration attorney costs?

The average cost for immigration law attorneys near you is really based on what legal matter you are looking for. If you just want a fiance visa because you have recently become engaged, an attorney might charge between $750 and $2,000 for this process. Bear in mind that a fiance visa is different from a marriage visa so once you get married you will need to update your Visa again, which might come at an additional cost between $800 and $4,000, especially if you are getting a marriage based Green Card.

By comparison, if you are facing deportation proceedings, and you hire an immigration attorney to represent you in court, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and over $10,000 depending on the complexity of your situation, something that an attorney can discuss with you during the consultation. You might also have to pay extra for situations where you want to appeal a visa application for a Green Card application that was denied.

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