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DAMN YOUR EYES Gets ‘Weaponized’ with Crushing New Track

New York metal stalwarts DAMN YOUR EYES are slowing down the tempo and diving face first into bone-crushing heaviness on their latest track, “Weaponized.”

As with most songs from the DAMN YOUR EYES repertoire, “Weaponized” was inspired by real-life experiences. “It’s based on a traumatic event involving betrayal, infidelity and emotional abuse,” says guitarist Artie Alexander. “After experiencing abuse, it’s so common to fall into anger, depression and negative self talk. Taking power back through a fantasy of revenge, ‘Weaponized’ is about listening to that negative talk and following through with what the conversation in your head is telling you.”

NYC Singer-Songwriter Ruby Greenberg Celebrates Home x New Single “Run Away”

A spectacular natural storyteller, Ruby Greenberg is a Colorado native who draws on the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Rocky Mountains when crafting her stunning, deeply personal tales. Influenced by poignant songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Brandi Carlile, her poetic, relatable lyrics and enveloping instrumentals invite listeners to experience the world through her eyes one song at a time. “Run Away” is the first of several singles she will release in the coming months.


“This music video shows the many sides to my vulnerability and strength throughout my personal healing and growth,” says EMELINE. “I wanted it to show my pain and liberation by the shore. I love storytelling; and with this video I wanted it to be about connecting the audience with my emotions and allowing my lyrics & performance to be that bridge.”

Bliss My Heart and Wildstreet Vocalist Eric Jayk Release New Single “Drive Fast” + Official Music Video

Influenced by Bauhaus and Sister Of Mercy, Bliss My Heart sent Eric Jayk an 8 year old demo of “Drive Fast” in July immediately following the release of “Reason To Dust”. She was hoping the two could continue their collaboration in a rock, very loud way. Jayk added the main hook vocal/lyrics, Depeche Mode inspired rhythm guitars and the end solo. Working with producer Daniel Lima ( Brazil ) for the first time and mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, “Drive Fast” was completed in September. The music video was filmed by Philippe Jacob outside Paris in October 2021, shortly after Wildstreet’s tour in Europe. The cover artwork was created by Adam Carini.


Produced by Detonate at Angelic Studio, “Burn The Empire” is first and foremost a protest song against the corrupt corporations and politicians. Not content on just writing huge guitar-pop songs, the track is a statement of intent and a call to arms for change. It’s raw, furious and packed with hooks. BURN THE EMPIRE!

Vakili Band Announce Album with Premiere of New Video, “Dreamy Dreamer”

Born in Honduras before living in the US, Bangkok, and Puerto Rico, Vakili worked in theatre and went on to carve out a successful career as a biotech lawyer while continuing to nurture all manner of dreams, including making music. Influenced by artists such as Patti Smith, Prince, Iggy Pop, and Rage Against the Machine, Vakili Band is unafraid to explore the sonic possibilities of Peace, Love, and Justice, as evidenced on the song of the same name on the band’s first album, Oh Alright.

Gaidaa Shares Poignant Visual for “Ride My Way”

Poetica Releases Official Video For Track “Unconditional” From New Self-Titled Album

Poetica has just released an official video for “Unconditional”, the latest track from their self-titled album, out now via MPress/ILS/Universal. A musical spoken-word concept album, the new 18-track collection has been described as “raw innovation…combining hushed vocals, gentle punctuation and jazzy dreamscapes” (Americana Highways). Filmed in the Hudson Valley of New York, the video – art directed by Rachael Sage and directed by award-winning filmmaker Nick Clark – premiered in Under The Radar.

Slimelife Shawty & Nardo Wick Put the Block on Notice in “In A Min”

Slimelife Shawty made his reputation with emotional raw lyricism and conversational melodics, but sometimes he feels the need to lock in and lay down the law. Taking time to methodically prove why he’s the sh*t and you ain’t, Slime shares “In A Min,” his new video. Produced by Kid Hazel, known for his work with 21 Savage, “In A Min” is a sinister slice of street music, a minimalist banger with prominent percussion and a tolling bell that signifies doom for unlucky opps. Slimelife and guest rapper Nardo Wick (the man behind Billboard Top 20 hit “Who Want Smoke?”) do “diddy bops” on the beat with deadpan drawls: “I’ve been waiting for a n**** to play, why would I tuck my chain,” intones Nardo. In the video, Slime and Nardo take a coal black Jeep to the outskirts of the A as they mug for Jerry Production’s camera. “In A Min” is the latest video from Better Living, Slime’s new album, which dropped last month via Alamo Records.

The O’My’s Announce New EP ‘No Swimming’ (Due Out 12/10) & Share New Video For Their Latest Single “Realistic” Featuring Alex Banin

The O’My’s state, “Leading up to the video we discussed in depth with our director how the pandemic forced us all into a social isolation and gave us a new perspective on what it’s like to be alone. This viewpoint runs parallel to the ways in which relationships teach us about ourselves as individuals while we navigate in and out of them. The video explores the emotional texture of that isolation, from relationships, from quarantine, to all the situations in which we find ourselves alone again in order to survive.”

Rising Singer-Songwriter Lily Meola’s “Got Your Way”

When Lily Meola released “Daydream,” the title song of her upcoming EP, Rolling Stone immediately placed it atop its Picks of the Week list for that week. She also got a great reception for “Smallest Things,” the second track she recently released, when she previewed it with several others during a Labor Day weekend VIP-stage performance at Napa Valley’s BottleRock Festival. Meola’s set earned her a standing ovation and encore, confirming the Mercury News’ accuracy in naming her first among five festival talents to watch.