Benefits of Hydrolyzed Protein Cat Food Explained

Before you run to a vet to treat your cat for food intolerance or food allergies you can switch over to some special type of cat food like hydrolyzed protein cat food which is best for the condition. Hydrolyzed protein diet has been in the market for more than decade and it is an exclusive dry cat food that your cat can stand well and derive the nutrients for maintaining good health. Cats can develop food allergies anytime and it is a condition when the cat’s body is unable to distinguish between allergens or antigens and dietary ingredients. It considers the dietary ingredients as allergens and triggers an immune response that leads to an allergic reaction. If you see your cat scratching continuously or overgrooming after eating some food then it is a sure sign of allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions are different from food intolerance

Although we often talk about food intolerance and allergic reactions in the same breath that often make these two things appear similar, these are actually entirely different conditions that manifest in different ways. Allergic reactions can happen on its own and not related to food intolerance. Food intolerance manifests in the form of delayed digestion or cats having difficulty in digesting and absorbing some type of food. Normally, cats suffering from food intolerance vomit the food it has eaten.

Proteins can cause food allergies in cats and serving a hydrolyzed diet can take care of the problem well. The process of hydrolysis breaks down proteins into smaller particles which reduces allergies and help cats to manage allergic conditions better.

What is hydrolyzed protein?

Hydrolysis is the process of chemical splitting of proteins to break its components into basic amino acid used as building blocks so that the cat’s immune system is unable to identify the original allergen. Hydrolyzed cat foods consist of low molecular weight but highly digestible peptides that help to control the conditions of food intolerance in much better ways. The food is special as it prevents the body from looking at it as a threat that can trigger an allergic reaction. Cat food makers normally use enzymes or chemicals to facilitate the process of hydrolysis and even maintain it at higher levels but it can result in degrading some amino acids which reduces the nutritional value of the diet.

Choosing the best hydrolyzed protein food for your cat

It is natural that you should select the best food for your cat that takes good care of cat health by addressing the issues of food intolerance and food allergies effectively. When buying hydrolyzed protein cat food carefully check the label to ensure that it does not contain soy or other ingredients but only hydrolyzed protein. Moreover, the protein should be animal based and the food should contain fat sources too, but without any artificial flavors or coloring, preservatives and meat by-products or any fillers of low quality.

Synthetic vitamins and minerals are harmful for cats and the food you select should have adequate nutritional value that you can make out by the information provided in the label.