3 Great Indie Music Services

Whilst it may see like the world of music streaming is dominated by the likes of Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and the other widely used services out there. These services are great if you are looking to find all the latest pop music, and discover new artists that are similar to the ones you already like. However, if your tastes are more niche, or you want to support specific artists, or you are looking to open your mind to whole new styles of music, then you may wish to explore other music services. We’ve seen how IT Support for Small Business Owners has implemented tools and apps into the working day to help people listen to music more easily and enjoy their time at work.

Below are 4 music services that offer different benefits to that of the major music streaming services.


Founded in California, in 2008, Bandcamp’s business model is based on artists and label uploading their music directly to the platform, and controlling precisely how they sell it. They can set their own prices – which includes a fixed price, or a minimum price, allowing customers to pay more if they want. Artists and labels can also sell merchandise through the platform. Customers can purchase physical copies of music, or they can choose from a range of file types – including lossless formats such as FLAC and ALAC.

Bandcamp is ideal for music fans that want to support their favourite artists.

NTS Radio

This radio station was founded in Hackney, London, but its reach is global. Its style has been likened to the pirate radios of London from the 90s and early 2000s – which were highly influential in shaping the sound of London’s music scene. But NTS Radio was formed with a vision of being highly diverse, and introducing listeners to a world of music they would never hear on mainstream radio stations.

Today, NTS has live stations in London, Manchester, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, and produce a diverse array of radio shows, live events, and digital media.


Another Internet radio station, but this time based in Los Angeles. dublab is a non-profit music network that offers a diverse range of shows that showcase many different styles, genres and cultures from across the world. They have affiliate station in Germany, Japan, Spain, and Brazil. If you ask an IT Support South London Provider how important having a way to break up the day and take a moment to relax is – they will tell you it should be top priority. They understand that having the support of someone on your IT Team can deal with stresses, like Microsoft Experts to assist, is always handy. As well as their diverse radio shows that are broadcast 5 days a week, dublab also host a range of live cultural events, the profits for which all go back into funding dublab’s broadcasting mission.