Walking: Trim your waistline, improve your health

Do you have problems with acid reflux? Then walking may be a pleasant surprise for you as walking can relieve your symptoms. In general walking is good exercise which everybody should do. Walking is healthy and beneficial for your body. It is also very simple, enjoyable activity that does not require any special skills or equipment’s. One of the most important walking benefits is relaxation. Walking has many other health benefits too, so it might be an excellent addition to your weekly fitness program.

Walking exercise  

Exercise is very important for good physical and mental health. People who do regular walking exercise are more likely to live longer than people who don’t walk at all. It’s also very simple and enjoyable activity that anyone can do. Indeed, walking exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and improve physical fitness. Walking is an excellent aerobic exercise which helps your heart, lungs and circulatory system in general. Moreover, walking is also good for bones, joints and muscles because walking exercise strengthens the muscles in the legs.

Disadvantages of walking exercise

There are no walking disadvantages. However, if you are overweight it’s better to start walking slowly and build up the speed over time. Furthermore, walking is not recommended for people with arthritis or severe joint problems because walking can cause injury. If you have asthma, dehydration may be a problem because walking causes your body to lose water.

What walking can do for your health?

Walking is a good way to treat many different conditions and diseases. For example, walking helps in the following situations: high blood pressure, osteoporosis or other bone problems, coronary artery disease, diabetes, obesity, mood disorders such as depression, menstrual problems. In general walking exercise helps you to live longer and improve your health.

Walking exercise results in loss of body fat, improved fitness and better health. Walking is excellent aerobic exercise that can help you to lose weight or maintain your present weight. If walking becomes a habit, walking daily for 30 minutes will cause you to lose up to 1 pound per week. However, walking should be combined with proper diet to cause weight loss.

Walking exercise for beginners

Even if walking is an excellent aerobic exercise, walking for beginners may be difficult or even dangerous. First of all, walking experts recommend that you start walking slowly and build up speed over time. It is also important to increase the length of your walking gradually. If necessary, walk slowly at first and as your walking ability increases you can walk faster. In general walking for beginners should last 30-45 minutes.

Walk to lose weight

In order to lose weight walking is a very good choice. Walking is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that burns calories. It also improves cardiovascular endurance and builds muscle strength. However, walking alone will not help to lose weight unless walking is combined with proper diet. Walking for 30 minutes may burn up to 200-400 calories depending on walking speed and walking distance.

Walking will improve your health and help you to lose weight, if walking is combined with a healthy diet. In order to get the best walking results, consult your doctor or walking expert. Moreover, walking is a good way to prevent many diseases and conditions.


Walking is a simple and enjoyable activity that can be done almost anywhere. Walking experts recommend walking for half an hour minimum, every day to gain benefits such as weight loss and better health. If walking exercise is combined with proper diet walking result will be even better. You can also walk at home by watching YouTube videos on walk at home or you can see below video.