Barista Presents “Dreams Remix B”

A wonderful celebratory track, Barista delivers a mixture of four to the floor dance with a nice dosage of indie rock on “Dreams Remix B”. There is a distinct LCD Soundsystem aspect to the whole thing with this casual cool that seems to tie it all together. Her voice truly lifts the atmosphere for there is a beauty to it. Nearly distant at times, the way she plays with space with her voice gives it a ritualistic quality. Layers are woven together in a way that gives it a tapestry-like appearance. Theirs is a physical sound that harkens back to the dancefloor in a way that feels a bit nostalgic.

The guitar riff wastes no time in getting it started giving it an intimate feeling immediately. When that beat hit though that’s when this track truly begins. Synthesizers snake on through adding to the electro low-end of the style. Her voice has a centering ability, since there is a happiness to all of it. Buildup feels decadent for there is a grandeur to the way it rises up into the sky. Full of such love the piece celebrates a togetherness. Little flourishes further add to the joy of the mix, as there are pieces that gradually come in and out of view. Focus of the work feels fantastic for the aural universe has a stately quality, making sure that the finale feels particularly well-earned.

Barista presents an incredible level of intensity and energy with the irresistible grooves of “Dreams Remix B”.