VELVET SHAKES Their Fun And Fresh Debut EP ‘Mellowdrama’

‘Mellowdrama’ is the new, debut EP from VELVET SHAKES and it is the most perfect debut they could have possibly made. They have been establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the music scene since 2018. They take that endeavor a step further with this EP. Each track is fun, fresh, and of the times. This EP glides through with high energy, great production, and plenty of catchy hooks. 

One of the best songs on the EP is ‘Material Life.’ It makes a whole lot of sense for them to reel the listener in with the opening track. I cannot get over how fantastic the strings on this song sound. It gives so much life and verve to the track. Equally as strong is the wildly vivacious ‘Your Love.’ It covers practically every musical nuance in the spectrum: dreamy synths, quirky sound effects, a pummeling beat, harmonious vocals, a bouncing bass, and everything else. It has everything but the kitchen sink. 

Every song on this brief, but brilliant EP is time well spent. VELVET SHAKES knows their sound well and executes it with finesse on this wonderful piece of work. I can only imagine how terrific their debut album will be.

‘Mellowdrama’ is out now to stream and download!

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