New Video By See Your Shadow “Showdown”

See Your Shadow features a rollicking southern rock spirit with “Showdown”. Everything here is gigantic from the pounding hits of the drums to the intensity of the vocals. The whole thing works for it swirls about in an ultimately majestic fashion. His lyricism seems to draw from the grand legends of rural America, the wide-open spaces and intense attention to detail. Guitars here do a perfect job in punctuating the meaning of his words, making every single verse count. Layers work together to create something quite wild and unhinged, for there is an animalistic power to it all.

From the first moment the song stuns. Rhythms here feature a stately presence to all of it. The sheer breath and volume of the piece has a geographic quality to it. A great number of flourishes come on in, first in the way he is able to capture pure fire with his voice to the way that the song is propelled forward. Nothing here is ever restrained for this is a loud, massive style one that feels ever so heartfelt. Hard to precisely pin down the pure joy of the thing, but part of it rests with the defiant attitude. One of the hallmarks of true southern rock is a disregard of authority, to live by one’s own rules, and to do so in style.

On “Showdown” revels in the big scope, the important details, with a hint of defiance proving See Your Shadow to be a masterful storyteller.