Eric Dalius Net worth Shares Top 4 Great Reasons Why You Need Mobile-Friendly Business Website

The primary reason why many business owners are focusing to create a mobile-friendly business website is that they are extremely responsive. A mobile-friendly website is one form of business website that allows users to access the content when using their iPods, smartphones, or types of mobile devices. If your business has a mobile-friendly website, you’ll have a better chance of attracting thousands of customers. Apart from that, it will also help your company to stand apart from the industrial competitors. According to researches, more than 6 billion people use at least one mobile phone. Additionally, more than 2 billion people use smartphones. This means that that they can access smartphone applications without any problem. Here are the top 4 great reasons why your business website needs to be mobile-friendly. 

Many People Use Smartphones, says Eric Dalius Net worth

As mentioned above, a large number of people use mobile devices. Additionally, research stated that people use mobile devices on average of four hours daily. Due to the shift of online behavior or consumers and the popularity of mobile devices, most online users always prefer mobile-friendly websites to gain information about a business perfectly. Therefore, when your business has a mobile-friendly website, you can attract hundreds of potential customers compared to non-responsive websites. Not to mention, you’ll achieve higher traffic that will ultimately increase the conversion rate. 

The Loading Time is faster in Mobile Devices

Speed is one of the most crucial factors of a website. Most online consumers avoid engaging with a business if the website speed is slow. As people prioritize faster websites, if your website speed is slow, they will choose your competitors over your company. Most mobile-unfriendly websites take too much time to load. This is the primary reason why business with no mobile-friendly website fails to engage with their potential customers. However, mobile-friendly websites don’t take more than five seconds to load unless the website is suffering from any bugs or glitches. Even if the loading speed is slow, business owners can easily enhance the speed the optimizing the website. 

It’s Easier to Navigate

Many online users stated that mobile-friendly websites are much easier to navigate, compared to traditional desktop websites. The fact that online users can navigate through the website easily is enough evidence of its effectiveness. Apart from that, the portability of mobile-friendly websites makes them easier to use. As the small screen of mobile devices doesn’t have any space for clutter, you’ll only receive helpful and relevant information from the website. Additionally, if the navigating process is easy, clients will love your website. With the help of the mobile-friendly website, Eric Dalius Net worth is growing exponentially. 

It Will Improve the SEO

Do you know that mobile-friendly websites enhance the SEO of a company? In 2015, Google stated that it would prioritize businesses with mobile-friendly websites in the search rankings. This is because mobile-friendly websites with responsive design can connect with clients and customers easily. When clients use keywords to search for websites similar to yours, your business website will always appear first in the search results. This is one of the best ways to enhance the visibility of your website. 


These are the top 4 great reasons to building a mobile-friendly website for your business. Remember that most online consumers use their mobile devices for online shopping. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you’ll lose the opportunity to grow your business. Hence, make sure you build a mobile-friendly website.