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@skopemag news – monday – october 4, 2021 @ 2 pm est

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Paul Cafcae releases new album Where I Am

If you think that an Eastern European performer has no business dabbling in the Western genres of music, you have another thing coming: the treatments of this records’ songs may range from punk to crooner pop, but they all have that unmistakable underlying Americana theme that has consistently earned Cafcae ovations on Canadian stages. Flared with carefully crafted and amazingly delivered arrangements that include a variety of instruments – harmonica, saxophone, Hammond organ, lap steel guitar, flugelhorn, and even a leather belt and an empty milk bottle – this 35-minute record takes you on quite a journey, keeping you engaged from the first song to the last.

Ready for broadcast… Privacy from new American RnB artist Aysia

A Houston, Texas resident, Aysia was passionate about music from the beginning and strove to make her dream of singing for a larger audience a reality. Her years of effort paid off when she started to gain a loyal following of music enthusiasts who were enchanted by her exceptional singing and vivacity. The same qualities landed her profile before UniversalCMG, who decided to scout an artist of her caliber.


Canadian thrashers LUTHARO have finally released their new video “Hopeless Abandonment”. The song is taken from their upcoming album Hiraeth.

Vocalist Krista Shipperbottom comments: Hopeless Abandonment has finally been released world wide and it comes with a strong meaning! This song wants you to remember that you were put on this earth with purpose and you have a destiny to fulfill!”

Artist: BLUEOX – Track: Ten Feet Tall

BLUEOX is a singer/songwriting duo that blurs the line between country and psych rock. With haunting melodies and blood harmonies that imbue each song with a life truly earned, BLUEOX nods to rock and country’s past with fresh eyes. “Dripping in ’70s psych-rock, BLUEOX tap into something murky and melodic” – American Songwriter” + “”BLUEOX’s sound is unique in all the ways music should be” – The Further”

SIREN’S RAIN Release New Single

West Coast metal band SIREN’S RAIN have teamed up with Next Mosh to release their new single “Corporeal Chains”. The song is from their album Rise Forth which will be released on October 8th 2021.

The band comments:

“Corporeal Chains features the introduction of the nyckelharpa to the band’s instrumentation. The instrument provides a sinister, ominous tonality on this track. The song has a restless, unsettling feel to it with the juxtaposition of the clean vocals and the monster-like vocals. The lyrics describe Rena’s battle with Lyme disease, feeling poisoned by, or inhabited by little monsters in the body and the struggle with chronic illness.”

Introducing Araya; Listen/watch Y2K-produced “Archon”

Produced by Y2K (Doja Cat, The Kid LAROI, 88Rising), “Archon” opens with pensive piano chords, staccato bass lines and Araya’s soulful vocals before a chorus of driving guitars burst forth from jarring, glitchy switch-ups. Singing of the struggles of self-esteem and the need to find something worth living for, “Archon” reflects on queer identity and how external posturing, those self-consciously built-up regimes of rehearsed swagger and bravado serve to conceal trauma and rife self-doubt.

JOHN channel Sonic Youth-via-Metz on new single “Stadium of No,” U.K. duo’s new LP out this Friday, Oct. 8th (Pets Care/Brace Yourself Records)

JOHN—the post-hardcore London duo of John Newton (drums, lead vocals) and Johnny Healey (guitar, backing vocals)—today released “Stadium of No,” the final track off their new album Nocturnal Manoeuvres, out this Friday, October 8th via the band’s own Pets Care imprint and Brace Yourself Records. The frenetic and impressively angular “Stadium of No” features spiked riffs, overdriven interludes and soaring choruses, packed into a tight runtime that sits just under three minutes. Its off-kilter video directed by their friends Henry Dartnall and Thomas Bonsu-Dartnall of Young Knives finds the Dartnall brothers standing in on behalf of JOHN, while the Johns film the eye-popping performance. “In parallel to the recurring motif of twenty-four hour work that runs throughout the album’s track listing, stadiums appear as hopelessly redundant monuments when they’re empty – only activated by the bodies that inhabit them. The song’s a nod to the often-overwhelming conditions of our present: a stadium-like crowd of opinions trying to shout on top of one another,” says Newton of “Stadium of No.”

Alt-rock band The View From Here kicks up office chaos in new video “ever//onward”

Five-piece New Jersey The View From Here infiltrates boring office culture by stirring things up with a full-band performance and a classic “F*** the man!” attitude in their brand new video for new single “ever//onward”. The guys in this video are the very definition of chaos, although well-deserved. Feelings of workplace frustration or generally feeling stuck in a rut are palpable in the facial expressions throughout the video as they make the space their own. The idea for “ever//onward” centers around time and a lack thereof. It stems from feeling overwhelmed when promising all of your waking moments to everyone and everything besides yourself, besides the things you were truly meant to do. The result being the burnout and frustration all of us feel time and again.

Out Now: Jeremy Shada Releases Debut Album ‘Vintage’ & Groovy Video For New Single “Pretty Little Lies”

Jeremy Shada’s vocal presence throughout Vintage is powerful and raw, driving the entirety of it as the clear, impassioned focal point in which the production so seamlessly encompasses. The lyrics are immersive and purposeful in a way that pays homage to the iconic songsmiths behind Frank Sinatra and nods to the likes of Charlie Puth and Justin Timberlake. With the assist from producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, it’s a collection of autobiographical vignettes fusing pop music’s greatest eras to redefine romance in the modern age. Across 12 tracks, Jeremy Shada explores the crooners of the ‘20s to the funk lines of the ‘70s to the catchy hard-hitting pop melodies of the ‘80s through present day. As the final offering lifted from the record, “Pretty Little Lies” gets us grooving in the best way as Shada cheekily pokes fun at Hollywood romances of the internet age and modern world.

Out Now // Keisi – Body on Ice

The rising star of R&B, Keisi delivers her cold new single ‘Body On Ice’ as she lures listeners in with smooth and mesmerising vocal tones, harnessing an enigmatic aura for the seductive bedroom jam. In an irresistible fusion of R&B and Pop, seasoned with a dash of jazz-influenced island vibes which comes with production courtesy of Odysi, ‘Body On Ice’ captures the magnetic connection between two people as the fantasies of intimate connections are vocalised with both charm and confident conviction. Keisi’s seductive lyricism is both sexy and enticing as she lays bare this fine example of a modern day love song.

JESSE MARCHANT- Announces Autumn UK Dates || New Album: Antelope Running – out Now

This October, Montreal-via-New-York songwriter JESSE MARCHANT will be bringing his mesmerising new album, Antelope Running, to the UK for a handful of intimate solo appearances.

Out today: 88rising sister label, PARADISE RISING, shares ‘semilucent 2’ EP, featuring Filipino artists on the rise

The freshly released, semilucent 2, is a 5-track EP that provides genre-blending acoustics, memorable melodies and high-energy 808s, drawing inspiration from the darker mood that comes with the ending of summer and a longing for memories past. Highlights include exciting new recordings by the Vancouver Canada-based duo MANILA GREY; Philippine-native singer and instrumentalist Steven Peregrina; up-and-coming female R&B artist daze based out of Amsterdam; hip-hop powerhouse from New York CA Christian Alexander; seasoned rapper and songwriter Curtismith; and Filipino-American electronic producer standout Manila Killa with multi-talented global vocal artist Yuna from Malaysia. Each track from semilucent will have their their very own music video released on 88rising’s YouTube channel.

ICYMI: Electric Blue Yonder – ‘Mourning Sounds’ – OUT NOW!

The origination of Electric Blue Yonder is in the harmonies of Beth Hataway and Johnny Veres. The two Montgomery Alabama natives met during the summer of 2010. Beth was headed out of her home town, and Johnny had returned to make a difference. He embarked on a quest to show her the heart & soul of the city before she left, and they quickly became friends along the way. Only three weeks before her departure, Johnny realized he loved her so he told her, and they kept in touch even though it felt like they were galaxies away. The distance in their early relationship sparked their interest in travel and living life in an experiential way. They were married in 2015, and together they work to make the world around them just a little bit better, cultivating an arts and music scene in their hometown while still honing their own crafts.

Talking Violet pushes the boundaries of shoegaze with debut album Tell Your Friends You Love Them

Today, Ontario based alternative shoegaze quartet Talking Violet have shared their much anticipated new album Tell Your Friends You Love Them. The 11 track album is available as a limited edition 12” vinyl directly through the bands website, which you can find here. The release was recorded in Toronto at Chalet Studios (Rush) with production and mixing by 2021 Juno Award nominee Justin Meli (Dizzy, The Trews). Talking Violet has spent the last 3 years perfecting their ability to create music that transports the listener to a sonic dreamland. The Ontario quartet melds the best elements of shoegaze, grunge, alternative rock and dream-pop into a sound that is equal parts an homage to the greats of each genre and an original statement that highlights the bands mature approach to songwriting. Singles “Superego” and “Indigo” showed the bands range, oscillating between angular 90s’ alternative akin to The Smashing Pumpkins and lush soundscapes that might remind you of My Bloody Valentine. “Slowdance” and “Delusional” highlight the pop elements of the band along with vocalist Jill Goyeau’s sublime but powerful vocals.

Out Now: Indigenous & Queer Artist Jayli Wolf Releases Stunning Video For New Single “Lead Me”

Jayli Wolf shares, “‘Lead Me’ is about temptation and addiction. It’s about knowing how good a person or a substance can make you feel but at the same time being aware that you need to fight the desire for your own self-preservation. I gave so much of my energy and life to addiction, and it was terribly difficult to fight, to no longer let it lead me. Addiction is about survival. I wanted to escape my reality because I didn’t have the tools to change it. Temporary highs can be so enticing, but the cost is always higher. The video for the song illustrates being trapped by your proverbial demons, and for myself, finding healing through reclaiming my culture and taking my power back—breaking free from the chains of my past.”

Nina June To Release ‘Meet Me on the Edge of Our Ruin’ (Nov 26); Watch “Jeremiah Blue” Video      

Amsterdam-based, silver-blonde songstress Nina June builds songs from the vestiges of past romances, relationships, friendships, and worries about the world sewn together by eloquent strings, artful arrangements, glistening keys, airy guitars, and organic sound design. After generating tens of millions of global streams and receiving critical praise, the Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter collects these thoughts and feelings on her 2021 full-length album, Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin (out November 26 via Nettwerk Records).

ONCE HUMAN Releases New Single/Video “Only in Death” From Upcoming Album “Scar Weaver”

Following the first single “Deadlock,” “Only in Death” is yet another killer track from their heaviest album yet and underlines ONCE HUMAN’s presence as the hottest up and coming band in the modern brutal metal world.

“This is my most personal song on the new album,” says vocalist Lauren Hart. “It meant so much to me that I really needed to get my hands dirty with the visuals. Logan and I filmed everything to keep the song’s raw meaning. Musically, it’s very emotional and dire, and the outro is probably my favorite piece of music on the album!”

DISCIPLES OF VERITY Release New Single “Remember the Living”; Announce Tour this Fall

Disciples of Verity released their new single “Remember the Living” via SM1 Music Group/UMG . The single is from the band’s debut album Pragmatic Sanction due out this fall and features Tara McLeod from Kitty.

“Despite the darkness you feel, the fact that you can draw breath is a gift” says Corey Glover, the band’s vocalist, about the meaning behind the song.

“Disciples Of Verity is a rock band in my opinion is definitely a home run hit for us here at the label with the make up and professionalism they bring to the table its a win-win for all of us” says Clay Dustin, CEO SM1 Music Group.


Releases his new single/video for “Sign Za Life” (10/1). Mark C. Daniel shares that 2021 has been a wild ride so far and it kicked off with a phone call from one of Mark’s long-time heroes Dean Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots. This excitement for music Mark continues to embody in the work he produces. His sound is a classic hard rock n roll buzz and the vibe he delivers is supremely notable.

Skope Magazine x BOY CHAD (Finneas Approved)

Wanting to create and cultivate a cultural shift in music and art, BOY CHAD is shining a light on the disenfranchised and providing a message of freedom. His gritty underground sound expresses that desire to be unburdened from the expectations of others which gives him the opportunity to push every artistic boundary. BOY CHAD is providing dark, edgy, and futuristic beats complimented by a laconic lyrical flow.

FORNHEM release title track of new album “Stämman från Berget”

FORNHEM (“Ancient Home)” have released the glacial title track of their forthcoming new album “Stämman från Berget” (“The Voice from the Mountain”), which is scheduled to hit the stores on November 5, 2021. The Swedish black metal trio has previously revealed cover art, tracklist, and further details of their harsh second full-length, which can all be viewed below.