Online Bingo Strategies to Increase Your Odds of Winning

Bingo is a game of “pure chance.” Numbered balls are drawn randomly, and your bingo card either has some of those numbers on it or it doesn’t. If your numbers line up, you can win the game. Surprisingly, there are simple strategies that can help shift the odds of winning in your favor.

Compete Against Fewer People

The potential winnings in online bingo are not usually affected much by the number of players, but your odds of winning are greater when you play games against fewer competitors. With only a few people racing you to complete their cards and yell, “Bingo!,” the odds that your numbers will show up faster than theirs are increased. The best times to find bingo online with fewer players are late nights, early mornings, and the middle of the week. 

Opt For Lower-Value Prizes

Fewer people play games offering lower-value prizes, as compared to the very popular big jackpots, and thus your odds of winning the lesser-prize games are better. Maybe your winnings at the less popular games will allow you to buy more cards in the jackpot games, improving your odds of winning those.

Play More Cards

When each game has a guaranteed winner, your odds are affected by the total cards in play. If ten cards are in play, and you have three of them, just by pure “luck” alone your odds of winning are 30%. The odds of a particular number being called increase as more balls are drawn because there are fewer balls left. By playing more cards, you have more options in the game, and your odds of having a winning card increase. Of course, you have to include the cost for each card.

Choose Cards Without Repetitive Numbers

Especially when playing multiple cards, choosing your own cards lets you make sure there aren’t a lot of repetitive numbers, thus spreading your luck a little farther. You can work with the random nature of the number-drawing process by choosing bingo cards with a distribution of numbers that reflect what might be randomly expected. In fact, one strategy for winning at bingo suggests that it is in choosing your cards that you can obtain the most control in improving your odds.

Balls drawn for bingo are random and thus it’s to be expected that roughly the same number of balls containing numbers that end in 0 will be drawn as balls with numbers that end in any other digit. If your bingo card has a lot of numbers that end in a particular digit, such as 2, you might have the integers 22, 42, 52, 82 on your card. In this case, you are lowering your odds of winning. It’s unlikely all those balls ending in the same digit are going to be called. Once a ball ending in 2 has been called, there are fewer balls ending in 2 left in the potential pool, so their odds of showing up are lessened. 

Select Cards With Well-Balanced Numbers

Because of the random nature of the game, when bingo balls are drawn there should be roughly equal occurrences of even and odd as well as high and low numbers. Therefore, choosing cards that have a wide distribution of numeric properties can help nudge the odds in your favor.

Winning is always fun, so things you can do to make it happen more often are worth considering. To potentially increase your odds of winning at online bingo, it is helpful to be aware of how and when numbers are, or aren’t, your friends. Then you can choose which games and cards to play with that information in mind, and watch the numbers do their work.