Things To Do At Rouse Hill

Are you looking for a family getaway? Rouse Hill is the place to enjoy your family vacation as you bond. There are many activities to do while at Rouse Hill, and the exciting bit is that there is everything for everyone. Your young ones will be entertained with the multiple games available as you enjoy sightseeing.

There is no perfect vacation without good food. Restaurants and cafes located at Rouse Hill provide mouthwatering food and snacks to fuel your body after a day of games.

The costs are affordable, and you shouldn’t worry about spending a fortune by visiting this exciting tourist destination.

As they’re many things to do Rouse Hill, worry not, we have compiled the best for you.

Top activities to do at Rouse Hill

  1. Bowling

There is no better feeling than getting a strike and relieving that extra energy. Bowling is a great activity to pass the time with friends or family, and hence it’s our first pick on things to do at Rouse Hill. It’s fascinating teaching this game to your young ones and it provides you with a bonding opportunity.

Other than having fun, there are many health benefits of bowling. The main health benefits of bowling include increased muscle strength, improved flexibility, and improved mental state.

The following tips will come in handy when playing this exciting game: concentrate, square your shoulders, keep your back straight, and of course, practice to better your skills.

  1. Bumper cars

Do you want to test your driving skill while competing with your friends? Bumper cars allow you to spin and revolve around crushing your components.

There are many health benefits riding bumper cars you and your family can gain. Some health benefits include ease of pain, unite the body & mind, improve vision and brain functions.

Also, this is a social game, and it helps you build social connections as it allows you to bond with friends as you compete.

You should follow safety guidelines governing this game to avoid injury to you or the young ones.

  1. Escape room

The escape room provides you with quizzes and puzzles that you and your team have to solve in a limited amount of time. Escape room being part of things to do at Rouse Hill requires your teamwork and thinking skills.

This game helps you build on your teamwork skills you can translate to other areas such as work or school. Escape room enables you to practice communication skills, critical thinking, time management, and problem-solving.

The following tips and tricks will help you win the escape room game:

  • Pick your team wisely
  • Plan ahead and be on time
  • Understand the rules of the room
  • Keep a consistent and determined approach
  1. Glow golf

Enjoy playing golf with your friends and family. Glow golf is one of the best things to do at Rouse Hill for both armatures and seasoned players. The fun is that it provides you with a golf course with three different themes and club sizes to fit players of all sizes.

This whole family activity helps you challenge yourself, build character, and offer relaxation and good health.


As you have seen, there are many things to do at Rouse Hill. Bowling, bumper cars, escape room, and glow golf games are just a few of the activities you can engage in while here. The good thing about our activities is that they’ll improve you mentally, socially and physically. With the tips on each game, be sure to emerge victoriously.