MY Crystal collection and story

Today I want to share my crystal collection with you guys and talk about like what iuse all my crystals for and share some of my favorite crystals.

crystals are my favorite ones and that’s why i keep them,I have a bunch of my crystals in front of me and i wanted to talk about that with you guys so if you guys are into spirituality and all those kinds of things will help you these are all the crystals that i currently have in front of me I actually have a lot more on my house but I just brought these into my room and these are kind of the ones I’m gonna talk about and i even have a kaleidoscope of crystals and this just helps me understand each meaning it also talks about which crystal goes with which zodiac sign and it talks about how to clean your crystals and basically just goes over anything that you possibly could ever need to know about crystals so this has been really really helpful

we can start with the rose quartz so i actually have a bunch of rose quartz crystals I have them in just little stones called personally the spheres are my favorite and i have a big rose quartz right here they’re just so beautiful and it’s just a very beautiful light pink crystal and then i have this rose quartz crystal lamp that i keep next to my bed.

I actually used to always think this was a pink Himalaya lamp they look really similar but if you look closely this is actually a rose quartz and i love the rose quartz it’s definitely like up there with my favorite crystals ever this crystal represents like universal love and it’s said to restore trust and harmony in relationships and i even have an luxury red bracelet i got this like a few days ago with my friend karina we’ve been going to this really really nice crystal shop by my house and i fell in love with this bracelet so next of course i have the clear quartz crystals and again i have this beautiful clear quartz sphere it’s just so beautiful and it literally looks so magical in any room i love to use crystals as room decorations and then i have this one i also have like way more.

i have some of these and i even have this cluster um i love clusters i feel like they literally look so beautiful and so magical but clear quartz are really good to use for like setting your intention and if you want to manifest something um they’re also said to intensify like the energy of all the other crystals so i love to just keep them around all of my other crystals um i feel like our clear quartz is like a must in everyone’s collection oh and i also have one behind my bed i don’t know if you guys can tell but yeah they’re just so beautiful.

The next i wanted to show you guys my favorite crystal eve and this is actually the first crystal that i ever bought myself and it’s this beautiful you can’t even i feel like see it it’s like blending in with my skin but it’s this beautiful baby peach senile this is my baby um it’s my favorite crystal of all time it’s like this beautiful peach matte crystal it straight up reminds me of a piece of candy like it’s just so beautiful and for some reason when i was in a crystal store this just drew me to it i had no idea what it meant or anything like that and i just felt like i needed to buy it but i actually came to find out that peach senseless actually have a very trans formative energy and they’re really good to use when you’re going through like a big change or you’re going on like a new different path and they’re also really good to use for emotional trauma and they kind of um transform any negative thoughts that you have into like healing energy and they’re also really good to use if you’re really angry or hurt if you’re really angry at someone or someone maybe hurt you um because it is said that they transform any of those negative feelings into forgiveness and healing um so they’re definitely really good for just healing emotional which is very interesting because i feel like at the time that i did buy this crystal that’s really exactly what i needed in my life so i think that’s really interesting and for some reason i always just reach for this crystal whenever I’m irritated or sad or anything like that I just have like a personal connection with this one and it’s definitely my favorite one of all time.