The Art Of Consistency: Marq Electronica’s Impeccable Track Record

Since electronic artist Marq Electronica has a new single coming out this month, I thought it might be a good time to run through some of my favorite tracks by him. He is a versatile artist who is capable of a lot of different sounds and that is evident on the past tracks he has released.

For pure, upbeat, electronic abandon, I usually turn to ‘Wildlife.’ It has up-lifting synths and a super-charged beat that mix potently to make a fantastic dance track. Another great dance track of his is ‘Crazy Fool.’ The chopped up vocals on the chorus are catchy and fun, while the beat is fast and exciting. One of Marq’s more unique songs is called ‘In A City (Love).’ The vocals are great, the background vocals are haunting, and the organ adds a spooky element to the track. There are a lot of great things going on in this one and it takes a couple of listens to truly appreciate all of the nuances.

‘Spirit Of The Shaman’ is due out this month and will no doubt have Marq’s signature sound with its own unique attributes. Marq is known for his versatility and that is one of the things that make him so special in the world of electronic music.

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