Distracted driving is leading cause of car accidents

More states are enacting distracting driving penalties when an accident occurs as a result. There are many types of distractions that cause drivers to lose focus and cause a collision. Here are some of the most common that drivers should be aware of and avoid. Distracted drivers can especially be deadly for motorcycle riders.


Probably the most common distraction for drivers is when they text on their mobile phones while driving. Some use hands-free devices for verbal phone calls, but trying to type and drive the car at the same time is dangerous and sometimes deadly. Some states have incorporated laws against texting and driving, but this does not always deter a driver. As a result, many accidents occur when someone continues to use their mobile phone to text other people or respond to texts when driving a car. Truck accidents are even more dangerous due to their size and weight. If you drive a truck, consult a legal expert for the area where you live or drive, such as  Colorado truck accident attorneys.


Listening to loud music or wearing headphones that play favorite music can drown out other sounds like honking horns or police car sirens. Music should be played at a low level that does not interfere with normal driving noises that protect drivers behind the wheel. With other passengers in the vehicle, loud singing can also become a noise barrier that disrupts a driver’s ability to tune in to external sounds that could be lifesaving. 


Surprisingly, many traffic accidents occur due to someone who is eating while driving. It’s hard to hold a juicy burger or grab handfuls of French fries while maintaining control of the car. Greasy hands are likelier to slip on the steering wheel or gear shift, which can also lead to a serious car crash. Soups, salads, or messier foods that someone tries to eat while steering the car can have a disastrous effect. It is best to pull over and park while eating to prevent a possible road accident. 


Another common cause of traffic collisions is due to someone’s grooming while driving the car. Using a plugged-in curling iron or electric shaver as well as applying various types of cosmetics or deodorant is risky at best. Some individuals even try to change clothes while driving, like changing shirts, pants, or shoes. Personal grooming, hygiene, and clothes changing should be done privately when the car is not in motion.

For more detailed information about what is not permissible while driving, contact an expert, such as a Colorado truck accident attorney who has probably seen it all and is knowledgeable about driving laws in his or her state. 

Safe driving makes travel less risky for us all. Find out what you should or should not be doing when behind the wheel to avoid a traffic accident. Having this information is not only useful it can prevent many accidents and save lives too.