5 Steps to Put on Virtual Concert in 2021

Though online gigs existed before the pandemic, now they have become especially relevant since mass events are canceled or postponed indefinitely. Musicians do not sit idly by and regularly organize virtual events to keep fans interested. Read below to find out how to set up your own online music concert.

Step 1: Choose a Platform

There were enough streaming platforms before, but now there is just a huge selection. Focus on the interests of your target audience, and choose the resource that will be convenient for the majority. You can use free services like:

  • Instagram Live;
  • YouTube Live;
  • Twitch;
  • Zoom, etc.

There are also platforms that work with artists on conditions that are as close to reality as possible and help in putting on concerts. Viewers buy tickets and join a live stream afterward.

Step 2: Choose a Location

Experienced musicians do not recommend performing in empty concert halls or renting large spaces. It is financially disadvantageous and does not look very impressive on videos. It is better to give a concert in a rehearsal studio, where everything you need is at hand. If necessary, you can think about the design and personalize the room a little by adding decorative elements or extra lighting to it.

Step 3: Prepare Equipment

For casual broadcasting, one smartphone with a regular camera and microphone may be enough. However, for a concert, it is still better to use more advanced equipment:

  • Cameras with tripods;
  • High-quality microphones;
  • Mixing console;
  • Sound card.

Also, don’t forget about live streaming software like OBS, XSplit, and others. It is advisable that you also have a director, cameraman, and sound engineer to manage them in addition to good instruments. Regardless of where exactly you are going to perform, the sound and picture quality should be as good as possible.

Step 4: Tell Fans About Your Concert

Proper marketing is half of your success. Tell fans about the planned concert in advance, place ads on all social networks in which you are registered, and ask your friends for reposts. This way, you can attract a large audience. It is recommended to start an advertising campaign on average two weeks before the appointed date. Fill your subscribers’ news feed with all sorts of information about you and the upcoming event.

Step 5: Do a Rehearsal

Be sure to do multiple full runs to identify weaknesses and get ready for possible emergencies (e.g., equipment breakdown). Record your performance on camera to evaluate how you look and sound from the outside, and adjust actions if necessary. Check all hardware and make sure your internet connection is stable.

Start Livestreaming Right Away

Online concerts are a great opportunity for a wide variety of creators to continue their work and keep fans interested during the pandemic. As you can see, any musician can organize a virtual performance; the main thing is to think over all the details carefully. If you wish, you can record your concert and use this material to promote your music further.