The Best Tacoma Wheels & Tire Packages

You could upgrade your Toyota Tacoma in an infinite number of ways. But if you must set priorities, it makes sense to put tires and wheels at the top of the list. They not only move your vehicle, but they also provide the necessary traction to accomplish this feat. You don’t need to overthink your choices. At the same time, there are some important considerations with durability and performance. This fast guide highlights some Tacoma wheels and tires packages that help you get the most out of your truck.

Types of Tire-Wheel Packages

Tire and wheel packages offer many benefits. You have the convenience of getting your tires and wheels all in one. They’re already mounted and balanced, ready for bolt-on installation. Many packages also include lug nuts, center caps and TPMS gear. You can choose packages with steel or alloy wheels. Most feature all-terrain tires for optimal traction and versatility.

Now that you know the basics, let’s consider some popular tire-wheel packages. Several include BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires, which get high marks from off-roaders for their durable tread rubber, tougher sidewalls and advanced interlocking tread design for greater stability and better cleanout. The KO2 also includes BFG stone ejectors, guarding against tire damage and loss of traction.

BF Goodrich tires match well with many kinds of rims. Method Race Wheels’ NV series is a top choice, crafted from A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment for improved strength. You’ll also see BF Goodrich wheels paired with Pro Comp Xtreme Series 51 Rock Crawler rims. Rock Crawler wheels are durable and attractive, forged from steel and sporting a long-lasting flat black powder coating.

We could talk tire and wheel package options all day long. But one thing’s clear – you’re sure to find a package that suits your needs. Keep in mind that these packages are created by individual auto parts dealers. So if you find a package you like, you’ll need to get it directly from that specific retailer.

Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits

Tires and wheels are a huge deal, but lift kits are also worth considering. Suspension lift kits are particularly useful, as they’ll allow you to equip larger tires. They also provide more ground clearance and improve your off road suspension performance.

The key thing to remember is that suspension lifts are major upgrades that also modify your truck’s steering and drivetrain systems. They’re a significant investment but well worth the money you spend. Popular choices include Rough Country’s 3-, 4- and 6-inch kits. Pro Comp and ARB offer their own kits, which also get positive reviews from off-roaders.

Where To Get Your Upgrades

It’s natural to feel excited when you’re shopping for Tacoma upgrades. After all, you have the end result in mind. Maybe your goal is a wicked-looking off-roading machine that powers over obstacles and takes you to remote destinations. Whether you want a Toyota Tacoma lift kit, a tire and wheel package or something else, choose your gear from a trustworthy retailer specializing in off-road parts and accessories.