Tara Jam’s Astronomical Electro-pop Release ‘Moonchild’

Tara Jam is quite literally fulfilling the prophecy of her name, with Tara meaning ‘Star’! She is shining bright as an independent artist with only 4 singles released and has accumulated over 800,000 views on Youtube on her artistic music videos and over 600,000 streams on Spotify in less than a year, with no label, no manager, just her passionate self. Following her recently released single ‘SYNESTHESIA’, Tara Jam returns for the full moon in July with the new dream-pop track ‘Moonchild’. Featuring delicate harps and serene vocals, ‘Moonchild’ will resonate with those who get lost looking out at the moon from their bedroom window.

Tara Jam explains the meaning behind her new single:

“Moonchild is a love song I wrote about the moon. I wanted to write about the truth and clarity shared when a relationship is built with her. Although Moon-children are typically people born under the zodiacal sign of Cancer (hence the release date during cancer season), it can be anyone with a strong sense that draws them to the moon and her power. When immersed in the night with no one to share my creations with, I find comfort in her company and guidance. If humans ourselves are made up of 60% of our entities are made from water, and the moon contains the power to control tides, who is to say that she cannot create emotional tidal waves within us?”