Tips and Tricks to make your diamond ring look bigger

Are you thinking of buying a diamond ring for your fiancée? Which one are you going to choose? Well, of course, according to your budget. While some prefer big, sparkly diamonds, others prefer subtle. So, which one does your fiancée prefer?

Well, if she wants a bigger one and you have a tight budget then you are in trouble, right? However, what if we tell you that you don’t need to spend any dollar for a bigger-looking diamond ring? Impossible? No this is quite possible with some simple tips and tricks.

In this article, we have shared some simple yet effective tips and tricks to make your diamond ring look bigger. So, stay with us until the end.

Lab-Created Diamond

Do you know you can get a bigger diamond on the same budget you have? No, I am not talking about a fake diamond but a real one. How? Well, you can look for lab created diamonds for sale. These diamonds are similar to the mined diamonds in terms of physical, chemical, and optical properties but are cheaper and eco-friendly. They are manmade diamonds but it is super hard to find the difference between a mined and lab one.

Diamond Cut-Quality

One of the major factors that affect the overall look of your diamond is diamond-cut quality. Even if a diamond is cheaper but is shinier in appearance, it would grab the attention of everyone. Therefore, don’t overlook this important factor. A diamond that sparkles more appears bigger than a dull one. How? The ways by which a diamond is cut determines how much light it would reflect and refract. A well-cut diamond reflects and refracts more light and thus appears bigger than a poor cut-grade one.

Hence, always go with a diamond of excellent cut grade.

The shape of your Diamond

The next important factor is the shape of the diamond. While round shaped diamonds are a popular choice among today’s generation, it is surely not a smart one. A round diamond is an expensive choice and not a good choice if you have a tight budget. Therefore, rather than going with a round-shaped go with other shapes for instance oval, pear, emerald, marquise, etc. An Oval shaped diamond seems a better alternative for a round-shaped one. This will help your diamond to look bigger yet withhold the traditional style.

Color and Clarity

Well, this factor does not play any significant role in the overall appearance of your diamond but there is still some room for you to experiment. You can choose a different color than white such as light yellow, blue or green. This will help you to save some money that you can spend to increase the diamond size.

Halo Effect!

You can also look for a halo engagement ring. These rings are beautiful to look at and appear bigger. However, what does this mean? Well, a halo engagement ring is a setting where a center diamond stone is surrounded by a cluster of smaller accent diamonds. This acts as an optical illusion and adds shine to your ring that ultimately helps it to appear bigger and brighter.

Three Stone Rings

Well, three stone rings have always been a popular choice among couples. However, its popularity rose, even more, when Prince Harry used this to propose to Meghan Markel. This is similar to the halo effect and helps to make your diamond look bigger.

Thin Bands

This is a known fact that anything would appear bigger when placed against an even smaller thing. You can use the same thing with your engagement ring setting. Always choose a slender and slim setting as this will make your center diamond appear bigger. In addition, this small setting proves to be a simple yet cost-friendly tip to increase the appearance of your diamond.

White Metal Band

Another important factor you should consider is the metal of the band. While many are with rose gold or yellow-colored bands this is certainly not good for the overall look of your ring. Instead, go with mirror-bright metals that add shine and add a mirror effect to your ring. Therefore, use metals like white gold and platinum to enhance the shape of your diamond. White gold is a cheaper yet effective metal to make your diamond look bigger.

Prongs settings

Another clever way to maximize the appearance of your diamond is the settings of pron. Prongs are an important setting in a ring as it holds the diamond in its place. It is very important and therefore you cannot say you won’t have a prong in your ring but there is room for improvement. You can go with slender and fewer prongs. This will increase the appearance of the diamond surface area and it will appear bigger. On the other hand, wider and more prongs can hide the diamond surface that makes it look smaller.

Clean your Diamond regularly

If you already have one then don’t worry, I also have something for you. Here is an important yet clever tip to increase the appearance of your diamond. Clean your diamond ring regularly or you can take it to the jeweler for professional cleaning. Over years dirt and oil from the contact of your skin make your diamond dull. Simply cleaning it can help it to regain its brightness and hence increase the overlook.

Final Words

These were some clever yet effective ways to enhance the look of your diamond without spending more. There are also some other ways to make your diamond look bigger. Beautiful details like the hand-engraved design or lustrous beads can add shimmer in your diamond. Alternatively, try out alternative stones than diamonds like ruby, emerald, etc. Try out these steps to make your diamond look bigger.

Moreover, remember that it does not matter how much your rings cost. What matters the most is the feeling behind it. Therefore, don’t forget to express your love to your partner or be grateful to your partner for his/her efforts.