Davy Williamson New Video ‘Same Place’

Davy Williamson infuses heart and soul into “Same Place” making it a truly unruly beast. The song features a great deal of genre references, from alternative rock to hard rock to grunge and pop, making sure the whole piece truly soars up into the sky. Volume is not even a choice for he rushes everything into the mix all at once giving it a force of nature cadence behind it. Everything here hits hard from the sheer intensity of the drums to the jagged riffs of the guitars, it all comes together. Best of all however is his incredible voice that seems to effortlessly rise above the din.

Lyrics matter a great deal. Every word is chosen with care. A sense of frustration, of yearning to break free, emerges out of the message. He sculpts this carefully even as the arrangement itself careens uncontrollably from one side to the other. Nor does it ever really let up for there is a great deal of activity within the crazed scope of the piece. Elements here do have a sense of pace despite the chaotic nature of the whole thing. Frustration grows and grow, serving as the heart of the work. Within this he tries to tear it apart, to find some sense of peace within all of the unpredictable things that are happening around him all to no avail.

“Same Place” shows off Davy Williamson’s uncanny ability to create something that touches upon a pure grandeur.