HTFSE vs Shatter

HTFSE or The High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract is an innovative and aromatic cannabis concentrate that has been widely known in the dabbing market. To understand what exactly HTSFE is, you must first understand what are full spectrum extracts. These are extracts that have cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids which are original compounds of marijuana. These extracts are the complete range of the marijuana strain’s chemical compounds that can also be used for medical purposes.

Full-spectrum extracts are made of HTFSE and HCFSE or the High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts. The HCFSE has a high cannabinoid concentration but lacks levels of terpene and aroma. The HCFSE also has a different consistency than HTFSE. It has diamond-like consistency when it is extracted and separated from the HTFSE. On the other hand, HTFSE has higher levels of terpene which is a liquid with a slightly thick, sauce-like consistency. It has 50 % of cannabinoids and 13 to 40 % of terpenes. It is known for its good terpene composition.

HTFSE Compared To Shatter

Shatter is the brittle and glass-like concentrate that is made with the aid of hydrocarbons, like butane, to get the cannabinoids. Then it undergoes a second process which is the vacuum oven purging to evaporate the final solvent and come up with a glass-like texture. HTFSE does not differ in its process of extraction. It is made from a solvent-based and closed-loop extraction process to get as many terpenes as possible.

Both Shatter and HTFSE use solvents to dissolve the chemical compounds in the raw material. On the other hand, HTFSE is processed in low temperatures to get the fragile and aromatic compounds of cannabis. While Shatter is processed under ultra-low temperature for purging, and then put to room temperature that causes its fragile and easy-to-break property as it solidifies.

When you buy shatter in Canada, you’re purchasing a cannabis concentrate that typically contains around 80% THC content. In contrast, HTFSE has a combination of THC and terpenes with 50 % THC content and 13 % to 40 % terpene content. Both concentrates are widely known and consumed by the dabbing market and enthusiasts.

HTFSE Are Potent And Flavorful

HTSFE naturally has fewer cannabinoids than HCFSE and is naturally terpene-rich. Our body has its endocannabinoid system and cannabis researchers believe that it is given a synergistic effect by terpene, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Chemical compounds in cannabis naturally give new and better experiences for anyone who consumes it. It is like an entourage effect. But if you are up for an experience without intense psychoactive effects, HTFSE is the right concentrate for you. HTFSE will give you an unparalleled flavor and feeling because of its unique terpene composition.

Consuming HTFSE

Use and consume HTFSE through dabbing because it gives the best results. Through dabbing you can ensure that you are in control of the temperature and you will not ruin its good terpene composition. It may lose its terpene content when exposed to high temperatures or it will end up combusting or tasting harsh when smoked. Desktop or portable dab equipment can be used to decarboxylate the compounds of HTFSE.