Distance teaching rediscovered after a long underestimation

Distance learning? For too long it has been underestimated, despite the fact that since the 1980s the Ministry had already provided specific courses for teachers, certainly not as a function of a possible epidemic that forces schools to close, but as a technological tool to meet the changed conditions of life of society, you are increasingly dependent on information technology and technological science.

Many platforms

In fact, thanks to the different platforms on the market and therefore also available in schools, it is possible to have lessons in streaming through Parent Portal, in which the teacher can interact with the students through a chat or video, and insert materials, assignments, exercises, thus solving the problems related above all to teaching which now becomes the result of collaboration between teachers and children.

New methods of communication

New methods of digital communication are being created, making a virtue of necessity, new routines are being established in agreement with professors to arrive at the most effective teaching and learning method. The boys compare and support each other and with the professors, as is being highlighted where this methodology has been implemented in a scientific way so as not to be defeated by the coronavirus even in the field of knowledge and education.

The age of the teachers does not seem a problem

In fact, it seems, from the data that we have and from the experiences told by some schools, that the difference in reacting to the emergency lies in the approach to the technological tool rather than in the age of the professors. Thus, denying those who argue that the younger teachers, being more accustomed to the use of technology by Portal Login, they have greater skills and interest, forgetting, however, that many older professors have also put themselves to the test to move from offline to online, from pre-social teaching to teaching conditioned also by the many applications.

On the other hand, both the University and the training companies offer many specialization courses and online masters, which are very popular.

Universities and online courses

For example, some universities have activated degree courses with the possibility of taking online lessons through an extension of the Moodle system, already in use since 2015, noting, perhaps paradoxically, that interactions, for example, are superior to the classic frontal lesson.

Students engage more in chats

In fact, it seems that, contrary to expectations and therefore to the raising of hands to ask to speak, many more students intervene in chat and ask questions. So, the network and the online experience can even be positive from this point of view, so online teaching cannot be completely demonized, even if the frontal lesson, and therefore direct contact, is always to be preferred and no screen will be able to never replace the teacher in “flesh and blood” and among the students physically next to him.

Motivate pupils to participate in online lessons

The point then seems to be to invent ways and strategies to motivate children to participate in the lessons, making them more interactive, considering that the simple content to create and share is not enough, and among other things, it has been noted that there are many gamers who live streaming. on Twitch, or use other types of live streaming such as live streaming from YouTube channels or Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Technology is needed

So, with technology you can do a lot, using tools such as Google Classroom and Meet that allow you to make live video lessons and to share files, images, videos and links with the whole class, while students in turn can share their materials and intervene during the lesson by interacting with the teacher and the class.

One of the most primary goals of MyPascoConnect has been to enhance parent involvement and create the way for student’s learning while at their home.

Various Reports such as District dashboards, School Dashboards, Classroom Dashboards, Growth Analysis, Performance Target Analysis, Score Analysis, and many more can be accessed through this application.

From extraordinary to ordinary

In conclusion, then, it can be said that this “extraordinary” experience could become precious and “ordinary”, helping the diffusion and use of

technological tools even in normal conditions. At the same time, it could induce more or less refractory teachers to improve their relationship with technology.