So you joined the gym, now what exercises and schedule should you be doing?

Gym membership is spiking right now in a way that the industry hasn’t seen for a long time. After months of inactivity and isolation due to covid-19 related lockdown, as we move back into what is being referred to as the “new normal,” people are not only trying to get back into routines close to those of pre-pandemic days, they are also trying to burn off the pounds that piled on due to home working or furlough, additional takeaways, and general inactivity. It’s a post-covid success story. Sort of.

Our team at Garage Gym Reviews worked with a certified personal trainer and nutritionist Rachel Macpherson to create a guide for Staying Fit in College to help find tangible ways to develop and maintain an active lifestyle. Check it out below:

7 Tips for How to Stay Fit In College

New chapters and fresh starts are great moments to reinvent yourself and that often includes taking up a gym membership. A change of job, a new house, or just a change of mindset, are all perfect opportunities to change your old routines or perhaps return to them having drifted away from those good intentions. Rhian Westberry writes a fantastic blog about such changes taking place in her life and you can learn more about her thoughts if you click here now.

Of course, new fitness be it regular gym sessions, jogging in the park or a calorie-controlled diet only work if you take them seriously and stick to them so get into a rhythm, a routine and it becomes easier to follow. When such sessions become second nature and just part of your lifestyle they are much easier to stick to.

But that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t allow yourself treats. In fact, they can be a great incentive, and rewarding yourself for staying the course is a great form of self-motivation. But when you do choose to treat yourself, do so with quality choices. Why have snacks from the late-night store when you can have a nice steak meal, why opt for cheap beers from the mall when you can savor superior wines from places such as Evoke Winery?

The world that we are emerging into in the wake of covid is very different from the one we left. The focus seems to have changed as we have realized just how fragile the world and society around us are. Equality and social justice are a high priority, concerns for the environment mean that even the leading companies in that sector such as are becoming more responsible and the workplace is changing out of all recognition.

The world is a changing place, why not change with it…there has never been a better time.