Nemo Cee new track for FEATURING

“I wrote this song immediately after the US elections of last year when the president lost”, comments the artist. “It had been such a difficult year with pandemic, elections, and that person, and it made everything so incredibly heavy and sad. The fact that he lost the elections and cried about it was a massive feeling of liberation for me and made it so easy to write a track that uses childish banter to make fun of a sore loser”, adds Nemo.

“I wanted to use phrases that little kids use in Mexico to poke fun at each other when being selfish or when winning or losing a game”, adds Nemo who also included a nod to Nirvana’s “Smell like teen spirit” in the middle of his song.

The song wavers around nu-disco, indie rock, and psychedelic funk, is completely in English and Spanish, and is being released with Nemo’s first EP of the year “A”, that includes the single “Sunday Afternoon”. Nemo is currently traveling through the coast of Oaxaca, writing songs for new releases “B”, “C”, and “D”.