The best colours to brighten up your stairs

Is your staircase starting to look tired and dated? Perhaps it’s making your hallway look dark and dingy?

Hallways and stairs that are narrow, awkwardly shaped, and lacking in natural light can be tricky to clean. And let’s face it, we’re all guilty of dumping our coats, bags and shoes in these high traffic areas – making them appear small and cluttered.

The good news is, there are a few minor improvements you can make to brightening things up a little and create the illusion of more space. And usually, all it takes is a lick of paint.

Here are just a few of our favourite hues to liven up your stairs

Classic white

Regardless of your home’s interior, painting your stairs pure white will provide a crisp, clean finish like no other. It’s a timeless colour that works well with an assortment of decorative furnishings. Plus, keeping the floor darker than the walls and your staircase will immediately draw the eyes upwards – providing a more spacious feel throughout your hallway.

Emerald green

If you want to make your staircase the focal point, opt for a tub of vivid green paint – something like emerald green which is brighter than teal and olive green but darker than lime and neon green. When paired with neutral tones, like beiges and creams, this elegant shade is guaranteed to give your stairs a fresh new look.

Dark grey

Grey is a colour that adds sophistication to any interior style. Darker shades provide a moody yet sophisticated look and create a cocoon effect that’s super cosy in the colder months. And if you want your stairs to make a statement, dark grey can do exactly that without being over the top!

Light blue

Given that they are often enclosed and don’t get much natural light, painting your staircase in a peaceful, calming colour – like a pale blue that’s light and airy – is a sure-fire way to inject some personality into your hall. Light blue can be matched with an assortment of colours, including white for a crisp look, cream for a more cosy vibe, and darker shades for a striking finish.


Whilst you could pick one colour and paint the entire staircase in that hue, the best way to create the illusion of light and space is to use two or more contrasting colours. Try using a lighter pigment on the walls and a darker one for wooden stairs. If you wanted to get a bit more creative, you could paint a design directly onto the steps to mimic the look of a stair runner going down the middle.

All of these colours will illuminate dark areas in your home and work particularly well on and around the stairs. When choosing paint, make sure you consider your interior décor and any decorative furnishings you have. And if you ever need to swap staircase parts for new ones or want to transform your stairs, contact Pear Stairs. They measure, quote, design, manufacture, deliver and fit staircases throughout the UK.