Singer-Songwriter Matt Von Shares Tender Love With His Newest Single “Mine”

Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter, Matt Von, shines brilliantly in his new single entitled “Mine”, giving words that sometime fall short when expressing how much we love and appreciate the person we share in our lives.

To share the experiences, memories, and all that comes in between is what really is true love and finding your own soulmate. There’s no feeling like it, even in the good and bad days, at the end of it all, we’re still thankful to be sharing those moments with our significant other. That’s where the inspiration for “Mine” came from for Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter, Matt Von. Recounting the story of finding his own love and being grateful for every moment that he shares with her, the song puts into words what he, and frankly all of us, feel about our partner in life.


Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter, Matt Von, quickly became a name often on the lips within Toronto’s community ever since garnering attention with his collaborative brother/sister project, Sarah Jordan & Matt Von. But it wasn’t until 2020 where Von decided to go solo, as he discovered a newfound love and appreciation for the variety of musical styles that are found within the guitar and was captivated by the organic rawness of the instrument. Blending his pop/acoustic background with little hints of country and gospel, Matt Von honed himself with a unique sound and artistry, compelling listeners to go on an aural journey with his music.