What is a paytable in Slots?

If you’ve ever played free slot games you will be familiar with the general theme of this game. It tends to have bright lights, a vivid colour palette, loveable characters and lots of winning symbols, each of which is worth an amount of money. This is where the game can become difficult to keep track of. With so many different winning symbols and bonus characters, one can become confused as to what they’re seeing on the reels.

For this reason, there is a very important guide to slot games called the paytable. We look into the paytable and all there is to know about it in this article.

Your guide to game symbols and features

A slot’s paytable provides information on the slot. Open up the paytable and you will see a list of all the available prizes and payouts, including the worth of all the winning symbols and a description of the features used in the game.

If you are unsure about the prizes available or would like to know how to trigger the bonus round, then you will find this information on the paytable.

But does the paytable serve any other purpose than listing the prizes?

Today’s slots – highly informed

Slots today have a range of features and game mechanics that make the game so much more exciting than before. Therefore, the paytables have evolved to include more information too.

Most paytables will include a very important piece of information called the RTP (return-to-player). The RTP percentage is a measure of the percentage of stakes a game returns to players (generally over a minimum of one million plays) and is a generally accepted guide to how a game will perform in terms of payouts. You will want to go for as high of an RTP as possible, which means more chance to be in the winning margin.

If the game has any bonus features like wilds, sticky wilds, free spins or cascading reels, these will be outlined on the paytable. You will most often find an explanation of how these features work on the paytable.

Some slots make the paytable immersive

There have been games in the past that made the paytable a part of the gameplay. For example, Microgaming are the creators of the massively successful Immortal Romance slot. On the paytable of Immortal Romance, you will find information on the slot as well as backstories of the characters in the game. Each one of them has their own story arc as well as a bonus feature each.


In short, on the paytable you will find:

  • Lists of prizes available
  • Different symbols in the game
  • The scatter symbol + information
  • The wild symbol + information
  • Description of the bonus feature(s)
  • Possible extra perks and information

The paytable contains essential information specific to the slot. Paytables are designed to be used by everyone, both newbies and seasoned players alike!