Do Natural Skin Brightening Ingredients Really Work?

Every woman around the globe aims for clear and radiant skin free of any hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Skin brightening can assist you in achieving that vibrant, refreshed, and glowing look.

On the other hand, skin whitening can have a hazardous impact on your skin so you should not consider using that option. The magic that a strategically applied highlighter and primer has on our skin yields us with the ‘lit from inside glow’.

But what if you want to glow naturally apart from makeup? There are plenty of ingredients available in the market that can help to fade pigmentation, reduce blemishes to benefit you with an overall brilliant complexion.

Such ingredients are of two kinds, one that promotes cell turnover and the other that blocks the effect of melanin on skin cells. Stay tuned to know more about how these ingredients work to give you naturally glowing skin when you wake up.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid improves the elasticity of the skin as it promotes cell turnover and boosts collagen production. It works by breaking the bonds between the layers of the skin. Such bond-breaking results in the removal of the dead skin cells.

These dead cells are immediately replaced by refreshing young cells that give you a brighter look and even reduce the scars and pigmentation. Keep in mind to not use Vitamin C or retinol after you have used Glycolic acid on the skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that promotes collagen production and has anti-inflammatory properties to improve skin texture. It assists in keeping the skin radiant and clear by blocking the production of pigment.

Blocking the pigment production also stops the formation of scars after a trauma like sun damage or acne breakouts. Vitamin C has multiple benefits as it also defenses our skin against  harmful pollutants. Make sure that you do not mix it with AHAs, BHAs, and retinol.


This ingredient is immensely popular as it reduces wrinkles and fine lines by promoting the production of collagen. Along with that it also promotes the production of new blood vessels in the skin. Retinol breaks into retinoic acid when it is applied to the skin.

The newly regenerated cell layers come closer to the surface with a glowing bright look. Regeneration also assists in fading the scars and marks that result in a clearer appearance. You should preferably wear SPF after you have applied retinol on the skin.

Azelaic Acid

This miraculous ingredient is a naturally occurring acid that has been extracted from wheat and has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the formation of blackheads and pimples as it helps skin to renew itself quickly.

Azelaic acid is very effective to heal redness and treat uneven skin tone that might be a result due to melasma, acne, etc. It is quite efficient as it mainly targets melanin to brighten skin, healthy skin will remain unaffected.

Azelaic acid is an ideal ingredient for the skincare regime as it also has antibacterial properties to get rid of any dead cells. Click this link to learn more about the top products and their ingredients that are being used to brighten skin naturally.

Lactic acid

Using lactic acid on skin has multiple benefits as it is known to boost cell turnover which gets rid of uneven complexion, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. It works similar to glycolic acid as it renews skin with fresh new cells by dissolving the upper layers of dead skin cells.

New cells rise to the surface thereby giving a brighter look to our skin. As compared to glycolic acid, lactic acid has larger molecules so it does not penetrate deep into our skin and reduces irritation. Consider abstaining from using vitamin C or retinol after the application of lactic acid.

Alpha Arbutin

Alpha Arbutin is a safe alternative to hydroquinone. The latter has a hazardous effect on our health and has also been banned. Alpha arbutin on the other hand is derived from natural ingredients that are known to reduce pigmentation.

It’s also famous for fading sun damage scars, dark spots, and acne breakouts. Experts suggest using Alpha Arbutin along with vitamin C for best results and radiant appearance.

Let your confidence shine

It’s crucial to protect and care for your skin as it’s the body’s first line of defense. If you are noticing any blemishes, dark spots, or pigmentations then you should preferably try to prevent any further damage. It’s easy to fix all these skin issues by yourself to maintain even-toned skin.