How to Make the Exterior of Your Cabin Sparkle and Shine

When it comes to cabins, there are all sorts of aesthetics to consider. Some people prefer a rustic look, while others want their cabin to look as modern as possible. Sometimes, what was once quaint and rustic can start to look ugly and rundown. If your cabin is looking a little worse for wear, then it might be time for a makeover. Here’s what you can do to make your cabin sparkle once again.

Power Wash the Exterior

Over the course of the average year, a thin layer of grim, mold, and algae is likely to form on your cabin’s exterior. While it might not appear clearly from a distance, all this filth is making your cabin a lot duller. It’s amazing how a single power washing session can restore the shine to a structure. You should be able to rent a power washer for the afternoon. Alternatively, you could buy one and stash it away for future cleanings.

Paint the Walls

Nothing freshens up an old structure like a couple coats of paint. Sometimes, this single step will make your cabin look as good as new. Most people choose subtle colors for their cabins, but you could mix things up by choosing a bolder hue. Whatever you do, make sure you apply at least two coats. The cabin’s exterior is exposed to the elements, and a single layer of paint would quickly suffer damage.

Replace the Roof

When a roof falls into disrepair, leaks and missing shingles become all too common. Old roofs also look nasty, giving your entire cabin a decrepit appearance. Replacing your roof will take care of this problem once and for all. Do some research to decide what material you’d like for your new roof, then get in touch with a roofing contractor. After a few days of work, they’ll have your cabin looking better than it has in ages.

Do Some Landscaping

Tidy hedges and well-manicured gardens can give your cabin a much more stately appearance. You don’t have to go overboard with dozens of plants and a full-time gardener. Just by planting a few shrubs by the front door and laying down some mulch, you’ll create an elegant look. Then, just keep up on the weeding so your cabin looks its best.

The ideal cabin is comfortable, quiet, and easy on the eye. If yours is lacking in the aesthetics department, consider making these simple changes. After a few days of work, your cabin will shine brighter than ever.