Ways to promote online business during special occasions

People often like to shop online for their loved ones as the festive season is about to kick in. Hence it goes even without saying how important it is as an opportunity for all online businesses to shine at this period of time. Festivals like Diwali, Holi and Rakhi Online India are the biggest festivals to target for these online businesses, among various others. Other than making sure there are sufficient stocks to offer, they need to ensure other important parts of running a business successfully. One such part would be the promotions of their products online. To know their target audience of what all their collection is about to bring, what all new products will be launched and when. All these things about your online business should be made aware so that it reaches your target audience and boosts your sales.

Social media marketing is one way you can reach out to potential buyers and existing ones. Here’s how you can promote your business during special occasions online. Take some tips and start with your strategic planning right away.

  1. Promotion over social media – As the world is currently over various social media platforms, it goes without saying one can make the most of their online sales through these social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Quora and much more. Make sure to have a proper social media strategy to gain the attention of one and all on different occasions. Announce some exciting offers or discounts to attract their attention. Make some attractive banners announcing the same. It is important whatever you post over your online business’s social media accounts during the festive season should be made catchy and crisp. Social media platforms like Facebook provide advertising feature which helps a business to communicate about all that is new, this festive season.
  2. Promotions via SEO – Make sure all your web pages are set as per SEO keywords. Optimise them accordingly, make it more search engine friendly. Add trending keywords as per the special occasions to get your web pages ranked over search engines. So that when any customer comes looking for products/services related to your website, they can easily look for searching those certain keywords.
  3. Have A Set Marketing Strategy – Marketing strategies would boost our online sales and help us to grab our customer’s attention during special occasions. It will help attract some new customers and keep rendering towards the existing ones’ interest. So make sure to plan everything in your marketing strategy under which specify which contents to upload when to increase your online sales.
  4. Make Your Website Responsive – Customers love it when the brands show accountability towards their purchases when they are willing to respond to all the doubts/queries related to the products/services that the firm renders. Have a space over your online business’s website wherein you can collect some queries. Make sure you respond to them within some time after receiving those. Also, provide your customers with a link that shall get directed to the company’s main page from where your customers can learn about your company in detail. Your website should be perfectly running over all the devices, be it a desktop, laptop, Android or iOS mobile phone. Make sure to fix your website as and when any bug arises.
  5. Design Homepage Banner – A banner is an excellent way of promoting your products/services online. It grabs everyone’s eyeballs, all at once, as one visit your online business’s homepage. You can even design a newly launched product banner too over the homepage of your website. Mention any discounts or offers, if any!