Maya Wagner Set To Release Sensational Single ‘Closeted’

There’s a revolution going on right now in the DIY music scene with fresh, young artists storming the scene. One of those bright torchbearers is the up and coming artist Maya Wagner, who is taking the music world by storm with her fresh take on indie-pop. Whilst pouring her heart out, Maya releases tune after tantalising tune as her repertoire expands with the electric evolution as an artist finding their sound. The twenty year old (yes, for real) is unwaveringly passionate about expressing her LGBTQ+ identity and her experiences with mental illness through her music. This passion pours out of the up and coming artist as she routinely fuses our favourite genres into an enticing, and quite frankly inspiring, sound.

‘Closeted’ is the latest single set to soar onto Maya’s Spotify on the 25th of June. With its production rooted in the pop landscape, ‘Closeted’ is the low-key pop track for the summer. Producer Hilloc sculpts a soundscape swimming in subtle percussion and bouncing synth lines, supporting Maya Wagner’s vibrant vocals with fluid ease. What’s so enticing about Maya Wagner is the absolute honesty that lies at the heart of her lyricism. Maya tells the story of being kept closeted by a past girlfriend, falling hard whilst she might just be experimenting – all through a completely captivating chorus. Seriously, you’ll be singing along to this one before it’s even over. ‘Closeted’ is dripping in summer vibes, oozing a flair and vocal prowess that makes Maya such an exciting act rising the ranks this year. The magic of Maya lies in her refreshing vulnerability as she offers up an anthem for those who are just waiting to relate to a pop-fuelled hit. With over fifty thousand streams since her 2020 debut on Spotify alone, it’s evident this rising star is inspiring an audience on a pretty huge scale – and this is just the beginning.


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By Sasha Lauryn