Zandy Storm New Single ‘Only Up From Here’

Zandy Storm releases single after becoming the first singing competition winner on the app “Uplive.” Rising emerging artist, Zandy Storm is the champion of last year’s Singing for the World competition. SFTW was a joint collaboration between Uplive and iHeartMedia, where Paula Abdul announced and interviewed the winners live on the app. Her claim to fame was then featured on FOX to share how Uplive discovered and supported her talent.

Zandy Storm’s new song, “Only Up From Here” just released with a Music Video comes with such a powerful story behind it. She is not only the epitome of an artist’s journey and struggle coming to fruition, but she is also the first winner of the hugely successful app now available in the USA known as “Uplive”s Inaugural Singing Competition.”

“This is a reminder for myself and whoever else needs it that you have to push forward, and always keep going up – and that’s why it’s ‘Only Up from Here.’ “– Zandy Storm

Zandy Storm, originally from the Philippines, has been a singer her whole life who auditioned for Philippine Idol during her career. Struggling to get a singing career off the ground, Zandy made her way through all of the traditional routes an artist would take in an attempt to reach success. She eventually started singing background vocals for other famous artists from overseas.

Zandy eventually found love, was married and moved to Minnesota where she now resides. With the challenges she faced in life, many artists can relate to the idea of their dreams slowly fading away. Covid19 shut down the world with the entertainment industry taking the biggest hit with gigs and events cancellation. This is when friends of Zandy passed her the information on how she could from the privacy of her own home and on her own schedule enter into an international singing competition.