New Single From 3 Time Grammy Nominee James Henry “Watermelon Man”

James Henry brings the fire on the passionate “Watermelon Man”. So much heat is behind the song it sounds sizzling. Everything about it has a celebratory, communal presence behind it for it incorporates so much into the colossal mix. Layer upon layer is filtered into the fray ensuring that there is a beguiling quality to it. Stylistically rooted in jazz, they bring elements of funk, rock, and soul to further flesh out the approach. There is a sense of togetherness that carries the track along, from the stunning horns to the playful vocals that adorn the entirety of the piece. Volume is a given for they play loud and should be experienced loud.

They waste no time diving headfirst in the thick of the mix. Such a great degree of color bursts onto the scene, and the group interplay adds to the warm, inviting presence. Over the course of the journey, they embark a bit upon a party-like atmosphere, making sure every single gesture counts. Within the whole of the track, the lyrics have a bouncing quality about them. Every single verse has an easy-going disposition for there is so much light associated with the entire work. Allowing it all to build and build, there is a grace to the way that they effortlessly sidestep every single trend for an approach that is a whole lot more timeless.

“Watermelon Man” shows off the impeccable chops of James Henry in creating a world that positively bursts with energy.

Label: Jerningham Entertainment Group
Writer: Herbie Hancock
Produced by : James Henry
Executive Producers: James Henry, Keith Stafford, Preston Glass,
Publishing Copyright: 1963 Hancock Music Company
Lic# : LPL728145 Samba Production LLC April 13, 2021
ISRC#: Q2HZ222100017