Producer Colin Brittain Shares Some Details Of His New Track: “SOS” By Sueco FT Travis Barker

Genius producer and songwriter Colin Brittain has once again teamed-up with Sueco on the latter’s latest single, “SOS” featuring Travis Barker. The outcome of this all-star collab is an uplifting hyper-punk number home to a sophisticated pulsating beat that provides the ideal structure for the singers to take us higher than ever with their gravely vocals distorted by a slight autotune effect throughout the track.

Known for his chart-topping collaborations, Colin Brittain has shared in a recent interview with TSISS that: “Dwilly and Sueco pretty much had the song dialed in when they brought it to me- I redid the guitars and sort of re-envisioned the mix side of things. Travis came in later and added drums after the fact- we actually had everything mastered before he added drums!”

Stream “SOS” below: