What are some must-haves for your graduation party at your home?

You did it! The years of studying have paid off, you got the qualification and you have had the official ceremony. You are all ready to head out into the world and secure that dream job. But first, it’s time for a party. No one can say that you haven’t earned it.

The graduation party is an age-old tradition, a rite of passage as you leave education behind and join the working world. And like any party, you need to make sure that it goes with a bang. Some things are obvious. Decorations, catering, something to drink…and don’t forget to send out the invitations. But why not add some clever twists? A mortarboard-shaped cake? Cookies in the form of a rolled-up diploma? A party guest book that you can look back on in years to come and remember the friends of your youth?

And it doesn’t have to be a wild affair. Why opt for the obvious beer keg when you can select some choice wines from elite suppliers such as Evoke Winery? Why invite a horde of acquaintances, half of who you don’t really know that well, when a dozen close, long-term friends will make for a much more special and memorable experience.

And in return, you can give your guests party bags to take hope with them, filled with all sorts of shared memorabilia or interesting treats. A nice twist is to put the party favors in a custom mylar bags, branded with your name or face on so that they also have something to look back on with fondness.

And when the excitement is over, you are ready to start the next stage in your life. Perhaps move out of the family home, relocate for your first job, fly the nest, and start writing a new chapter in your life. And when you click here this blog will give you a host of tips, advice, life-hacks, and helpful hints about how to prepare for the big move.