Reasons to use frozen yogurt?

If you’re a frozen yogurt addict, having your weekly order shouldn’t be too troublesome. Maybe you’ve been eating it in lieu of ice cream for a long time and have made the switch for a healthy lifestyle. Though gelato is delicious, don’t you think frozen yogurt is a better option? It is, in reality, because it is much safer for you.

Here is a few more interesting information about frozen yogurt supply that you might not have known:

History of usage

Yogurt has a long history, dating back to 4,000 years. Yogurt was first introduced to the United States in the early 1900s, and Dannon began distributing it in the 1930s as its popularity grew. It wasn’t until the 1970s that anyone realized it might be frozen for whatever purpose. By the end of 2013, there were approximately 2,582 frozen yogurt shops scattered throughout the country.

To not burst some health nuts’ bubbles, sugar is the most common component in frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt used to be very tart, which is why sugar-free frozen yogurt still tastes like that. The sugar was used to even out the sour taste that some people disliked. Frozen yogurt had a 10% market share in the frozen dessert sector by the 1990s. Frozen yogurt is a strong candidate since almost 90% of Households conveniently consume frozen sweets daily.

Health benefits of this sweet dessert

Even though frozen yogurt contains fat, the great thing about the dessert is that this is packed with health benefits. The cup is brimming with protein, calcium, potassium, and a variety of vitamins. These nutrients are so beneficial to your health that they will support your immune system, lower your cholesterol, and improve your digestion. It seems that we both ought to have a bit more ice cream!

Yogurt is made with more than just cow’s milk. Any mammal’s milk would do, like goat’s, sheep’s, and water buffalo’s milk, all widely used throughout the United States to produce frozen yogurt. Yogurt is commonly made from yaks or camels in other nations.

Nutrition for everyone

Yogurt is made by fermenting milk with beneficial bacteria. This is one of the reasons why yogurt is so unique. The good cultures digest the lactose and turn it to lactic acid, giving yogurt its distinctive tart taste. This is probably why certain people with lactose sensitivity will enjoy frozen yogurt even though they have trouble digesting milk.

The nutrition in yogurt would keep you feeling satiated than you would if you had a sweet treat or snack. This is one of the reasons that consuming ice yogurt will help you lose weight. Desserts high in carbohydrates will quickly deplete your energy and leave you hungry. Even non-carbohydrate sweets with a lot of sugar don’t fill you up as well as yogurt would.

There are several more facts to learn regarding frozen yogurt, but if this isn’t enough to persuade you that it is the best dessert choice, nothing will! If you’re striving to live a healthier lifestyle, frozen yogurt is the best way to indulge your sweet tooth without deviating too much from your diet.