6 Best SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

Every business needs a special marketing strategy to beat its competitors. There are many ways to get organic traffic on your websites. 

First, you need to hire an expert who is skilled in  every type of  industry  like Adult SEO techniques. There is a need to create a website with basic factors like keyword research, optimizing content, title, and Meta tags. 

Every expert can use the best techniques for their clients, so their online presence will improve and get more customers.

Best SEO Techniques

  1. Search Competitors’ Best Performing Pages

There is a need to learn about competitors’ SEO and marketing strategies. When you search for their best working techniques for a competitor on SERP, professionals can take SEO efforts to the next level.

The effective starting point is to identify the competitor’s best-performing pages. You can easily understand where their organic traffic is coming from.

Study of the competitors’ top-performing pages helps toward keyword gap, link gap, and a chance to improve your content. SEO consultants use many tools to find competitors’ best-performing pages. 

These tools will tell about organic traffic on competitors’ websites, but it tells you about the general overview of the website.

  1. Keyword Gap Analysis

There is a need to focus on the area that should optimize existing content and create a new one. Optimizing current content could be a good starting point for a perfect SEO technique.

Today, each traffic-oriented website has raised all of its existing content. One should create new skyscraper content adequately.

  1. Improve the organic CTR

CTR is one of the SEO service ranking factors and is used prominently. The title tag and Meta description impact your website Click through rate. 

You have a fair amount of control over both factors, but how to find out what Meta description and title tag will give you the highest CTR. 

An SEO agency can cover Meta’s description and title tags by changing them regularly and measuring the results; you can use PPC to test the Meta and title tags.

  1. Broken Backlinks

It is very demanding to build quality backlinks; there is also a need to use broken backlinks from competitors’ websites.

In this process, find broken backlinks, creating the content based on those backlinks, and change the backlinks to your content. There is also a need to find the 404 pages on your competitor’s website.

  1. Optimization Of Image

There is always a need to optimize the images you use in your content. In case you are missing the web traffic, it is going to the competitor’s website.

Do not forget that visual and image search is very popular in Google search. In SEO services and social media marketing, people tag the images with alt tags, but it is more than that. 

You can also enhance images apart from alt tags, so consider various factors to improve image SEO like file names, resizing images, reducing file size, creating an image sitemap, and hosting the image on a CDN. 

It will be very useful for SEO services. If you correctly optimized your website image, ranked highly on various SERPs.

  1. Topic Clusters Instead of Keywords

Google is strengthening, and so is its algorithm. Its purpose is to figure out the intention of its users, what they expect, what they’re looking for, and what search results help to answer their query.

Don’t take your website to appear on the first page of Google by building keyword-focused content. It’s not sufficient to look at keywords alone.

There is a need to look at the surrounding context, referred to as “user intent,” and pay attention to what your users are looking for. SEO consultants also give more emphasis on On-page SEO optimization.

These are many SEO social media marketing techniques that help to rank higher on Google search rankings. It is also valuable for your brand awareness and online presence.