3 amazing destinations once Covid- 19 is under control?

Although there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, understandably international travel is going to be one of the last aspects of our old, pre-pandemic lives to return. And even then how similar this “new normal” will be to what has gone before is yet to be seen.

But you can still start planning for your travel and vacations to come and given that international travel might be restricted, not to mention come with many additional delays and stresses, perhaps the time to explore some of the many beautiful places in the USA that often get overlooked in the excitement of foreign travel.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

If you live in a place where you are used to facing challenging winters you can either hunker down and endure the cold, and there are plenty of tips on making the best of that to be found on this website so click here and not forgetting plenty of upgrades and improvements to your home through companies such as Heatline.com who will ensure that you weather the storm. Often literally. Or you can avoid the cold altogether, head for somewhere warmer, and treat yourself to a break. This 40,000-acre region of red Aztec sandstone outcrops is perfectly named and the petrified trees and petroglyphs are more than 2,000 years old. It is both otherworldly and historically significant and you can be guaranteed that the weather is going to be on your side, especially if you like it hot.

Big Sur, California

Rightly famous as a place to explore, the 90 mile stretch between Carmel-by-the-Sea and Hearst Castle is a very popular attraction. The region is perfect for a relaxing break, although a longer break or traveling it as part of an extended road trip is a great option. And be careful of its seductive charms. The region is a magnet for artists and business owners, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who relocate here in their droves, attracted by the liberal vibes and friendly attitudes of the region. And if you do find yourself tempted to relocate, you will find plenty of advice at this fantastic blog to learn more.

Kenai Fjords, Alaska

But not everyone is a sun lover, some are more at home in the cool of the more northerly climes. Kenai Fjords, Alaska is where you go to experience the remnants of the last Ice Age. Located at the edge of the Kenai Peninsula, about 40 glaciers flow from the Harding Icefield, making it a very popular attraction. There are also plenty of whales, dolphins, and sea lions to be spotted and studied which is best done through an organized cruise company.