Step By Step Guide On How to Set Up a Vape

If you have purchased a vaporizer, then there are a lot of things you need to consider. We know that the excitement will push you to quickly see how it works by pressing the button and inhaling for a puff when the cartridge is empty. But you shouldn’t get ahead.

If you make this mistake, then it can burn and damage the cotton inside, resulting in a burnt flavor. This could mean a bad start off to your vaping experience. So it is important that you know how to set up your vape before you start vaping. Here are the steps you need to follow.

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Step 1: Get your device ready

Unbox your device and keep it outside on a flat table that is easily accessible. You can buy easy to prepare vaporizers from multiple online shops.

Step 2: Fill the cartridge

Your ape may either have a tank or pod system. For both, you will need to find the cavity from which they need to be filled. Most of the tanks are filled from the top, but some may fill from the bottom. At the same time, the pods will fill from the side or the top.

You will find this information on the packaging or the manual. So once you know the place from which to fill, take the e-liquid and pour it into the cartridge. Fill up to the maximum line mark. After this, secure the cap back on the cartridge.

Step 3: Priming

Priming is a method that refers to the soaking of the coil with e-liquid. To prime your coil, you will need to leave your cartridge to sit for some time, usually 5 min before you take the first drag. This allows the liquid to soak through the cotton found in the coil.

This soaking before the application of heat ensures that the cotton does not burn or get damaged due to heat, and you will not experience the dry drag. Separate cartridge from the unit and inhale from the mouthpiece to draw the liquid to the coil more rapidly.

Step 4: Fixed or variable powered?

There are two types of power settings and thus different devices that have either fixed power or variable power. If your vape does not have controls or a display screen, then your device is fixed powered, so skip the next step. But if your vape has controls and a display screen, then you have a variable-powered vape that needs to be adjusted.

Step 5: Set up correct power settings

You need to set up the correct power settings so that the coil gets appropriate power. The type of coil in your vape will determine the power output. Look through packaging, manuals, online to be sure about the settings of the coil. So if your coil has wattage between 10 to 15 watts, then you will need to adjust the settings between this range. This ensures that you provide the correct power to the coil needed for heating the liquid. Incorrect settings can either burn out the coil or give you delayed heating.

Step: Vape on

So finally, put the cartridge back into the unit and take your first vape. Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and take a slow and long drag while pressing the fire button. And this is it; you are on your way to vape. With time and use, you will understand how long you need to inhale to draw that suits you.

Final thoughts

So now that you know how to set it up, you should charge your vaporizers every day to keep it recharged. Moreover, maintain your vape by keeping it clean and also keep e-liquid in the cartridge at all times. This will keep the coil from damage and thus prolong the life of your vape.