What are some cool features of Instagram you may not know about?

Instagram is rightly regarded as one of the big four social media platforms. You have Facebook for direct social interaction with like-minded folks. Twitter is great for sharing more succinct thoughts. You Tube ticks the box for those you prefer to engage with videos, everything from music videos to “how to…” instructional films. An Instagram is about the visual image. But like all of these platforms, it goes beyond the gross generalization of those descriptions but they will do for a general categorization.

Instagram may have started as a place to promote everything from businesses to fashion and from influencers to artists, but it has now risen in popularity to become one of the most important social platforms that there is. Luckily there are many social automation service providers available in the market who offer guaranteed IG growth. You should check reviews by Income Artist before making your decision.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, and one enticing picture of your coffee shop or album cover, latest fashion statement or new-in-stock product can speak volumes, without saying anything at all.

But if Instagram built its reputation as a pictorially driven site, it is now becoming so much more. Not many people are aware of the neat add-ons and additional third-party services which can be used to enhance your page and make it stand out from all the other Instagram users. But such additions are becoming part-and-parcel of the site, so now is the time to utilize these additional tools to stay ahead of the curve…whilst you can.

The Instagram Video Downloader, for example, enables you to add high-quality videos to your make meaning that you can add moving pictures to your gallery of pictures. It’s free, doesn’t require registration and is simple to download and 100% legal. You’ll be adding great videos to your site in no time at all.

And if you want to take things a step further, why not try the Instagram Story Download? This will give you access to a wealth of stories that you can access and post to your site, providing interesting content and more reasons for followers to come back and check up on your page. Again it is free, doesn’t require registration and is simple to download and 100% legal, provided you are not using this content for financial gain or commercial use.

Why have a good Instagram page when you can have a great page? Why have occasional content when you can make your page a fantastic source of exciting videos and interesting content? a modern brand, individual or business is only as good as their online presence, so why wouldn’t you want to make yours stand out from the pack?