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Sways presents his latest hard hitting track ‘Repeat’

Croydon rapper Sways is back with his latest hard hitting release ‘Repeat’. Produced by Swiss Producer Ozo Beats, this is a very alternative instrumental, the melodies have a UK native sound, while the drums resonate with the European Underground scene.

JANINA JADE Debut ‘Heart Of Rock N Roll’ Music Video

Swedish rock musician, JANINA JADE, has released a music video for their single ‘Heart Of Rock N’ Roll’, it’s the title track of their new album, featuring guitar virtuoso Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) on Lead Guitar, which will be out on March 26th 2021 via GMR Music.

Jon Worthy Releases Uptempo Rock Single “Don’t You Feel It”

The musically diverse and Nashville-based artist Jon Worthy has released his latest single, “Don’t You Feel It.” Along with the uptempo indie rock single, Worthy released the well-produced and cinematic music video which Rebel Noise stated as “emotive and storytelling.” Filmed in Atlanta, it’s an excellent visual representation of the song’s theme of unreciprocated love as Worthy plays the role of the infamous Joker character.

Out Today // CLOVES – “Manic”

The conversations we have when we’re alone with ourselves, when we’re at our most anxious, can lead us to spiral and struggle to navigate our way back. CLOVES’ rendition of her own spiralling thoughts on new single “Manic” brings a sleek and compelling song that you’ll instantly latch your own experiences to. The song is out immediately via Interscope/Polydor.

Kill Shelter & Antipole “Burn Bright” with their Latest Single

This collaboration between Kill Shelter (UK) and Antipole (Norway) explores the theme of addiction and its impact on the human psyche. The track is a mix of adrenaline fuelled highs and dynamically contrasting lows and works on many levels. The track is as equally at home on the dance floor as it is on a domestic turntable.

Country Newcomer Lyssa Coulter Strips Down New Single “Alone With U”

The track was written by successful writers Karen Kosowski (Mickey Guyton, Ross Ellis, Brett Kissell), Karen Kosowski (Mickey Guyton, Ross Ellis, Madeline Merlo), and multi-award winning Alexandra Adamoski (Alee).

“Psychedelic Sandwich” new David LaDuke song & video

“Psychedelic Sandwich”, co-written with Phil Naro (Peter Criss/Talas, John & Phil), was first heard BallBuster Magazine’s Ball/One Compilation released in 1997 on SINBAD records and more recent on Bongo Boy Records’ hard rock compilation Kryp II Knight. The song also appears on Bongo Boy’s FYC 63rd Grammy Various Artists’ compilation out today, March 12.

Sunburned Hand of The Man returns with Pick A Day To Die!

This is the second in the label’s year-long 20th Anniversary celebration that includes releases from Gunn-Truscinski Duo (out now), Daniel Bachman, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Six Organs of Admittance, Body/Head, Sonic Youth, and one surprise bonus LP.


Norwegian artist Tuvaband – the moniker for Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser – has released the video for “Post Isolation” today, the second single from her forthcoming album Growing Pains & Pleasures (out 5/21/21).

The album follows Tuvaband’s 2019’s I Entered The Void about isolation, the story of Tuva cutting herself off from society and the effect that process had on her, while Growing Pains & Pleasures is about trying to find her way back. “Post Isolation” is a song about Tuva’s return to the world of other people where she’s stalked by the shadows of her own fears.

Rap artist Keeper showcases pop punk roots on “Frog”

UK nu-punk artist Keeper is back with the third single from his upcoming EP, Guess I’m Keeper, out on 3/19.

The latest track “Frog” is a bit more experimental than the first two singles “Homegrown” and “Blue Eyes.” Beginning with his familiar laid-back emo rap delivery, Keeper soon erupts into a huge, explosive chorus. It’s something that gives us a peak into Keeper’s guitar-driven roots, as he is also the guitarist in the pop punk band Jack The Envious.

Australian Alt-Pop Artist Chymes Shares New Single; EP Set For 5/28 

Chymes explains, “‘Feel Better’ is a song for when you know you’ve given too much, you’re in too deep and you’ve lost the game. It describes that feeling of being alone yet still feeling trapped by someone’s pull, ‘I can still feel your hands on me,’ knowing that at any moment you’d still go back. It’s kind of like a message to that person saying ‘I know this is a game for you – does it make you feel better knowing I’m in too deep? Does it boost your ego?’ I wanted the production of the track to be more upbeat but still have strong dynamics in it’s ups and downs. I wanted the chorus to be a more intimate moment with the post section feeling like a big release and lean towards euphoric, so you can cry-dance alone in your room to it haha.”


Brooklyn’s Sarah Cicero has released her stunning new single, “At Arm’s Length,” from her forthcoming EP Cold Immaculate Opposite due out on April 9th. The EP tackles the uncertainty of being a twenty-something and those in-between years, stepping out of behind a child, yet not yet completely knowing how to navigate adulthood. The EP documents the evolution of a young woman’s journey into self-awareness, all through the lens of a year spent mostly in solitude. ”At Arm’s Length” holds a special place in Cicero’s heart being that it is the first song she wrote about real “grown-up love.” For Sarah, the memory of picking up her guitar and trying to capture the infinite wonderful, terrifying, confusing, thrilling, conflicting emotions that come with that realization—that, ready or not, you’re in love with someone—is a really special memory.


Zsüd’s first LP ‘REWIRING’ is out now with 11 songs. They are like grabbed pieces of a diary, some are based on daily emotions, others contain abstract philosophical questions. The album moves on a wide rage of genres, orchestration and mood. The glue in this wide scale is change itself – reaching our deepest core and rewiring ourselves from that point. The main function of the album is documenting change, as the different stations can be very familiar to the listener.

“I wrote the first songs back in 2018. I used emotions of my own and also those I witnessed in my surroundings. Besides that I wanted to give space to philosophical questions as well. I prefer switching up my songwriting workflow from time to time – some of these songs started on the piano, some came from sound design elements or even the lyrics.” – said Zsüd about the working process.


Chronixx starts the new year with a fresh perspective on his new single, “Safe N Sound” (via Soul Circle Music). The eponymous luminary of modern-day Jamaican reggae and dancehall marks the first release of 2021. The track co-produced by Chronixx and Romain “Teflonzincfence” Arnett strikes hard with a foreboding bass drum rumble and slashes of viola. It pivots into a digital syncopation of booming 808 percussion and vibrating synth keys. Chronixx calls for an uprising during a dire time filled with hypocrisy and corruption. He declares the need for “more love flowing in the streets” and “evolution time.” He carries a timely unifying message, yearning for the global community to feel safe and sound, especially in oppressed nations.

God Of Nothing Release ‘Vicious Cycle’ Album

Heavy-metal group, God Of Nothing has just released their highly-anticipated follow-up LP titled ‘Vicious Cycle’ worldwide today on LEGEND Recordings.

The hard-hitting album featuring the singles “Burn”, “Sledge”, and finally, “Locust” featuring vocalist Adam Messer from A Wake In Providence. God Of Nothing pulls no punches with this next chapter, and you can stream the entire new LP right here!

Porter Robinson unveils new track “Musician,” new LP Nurture out April 23

“‘Musician’ was one of the very last songs written for Nurture. The song is meant to feel like a celebration, like I’m reveling in the joy of newfound inspiration,” Porter says. “If the rest of Nurture is about me trying to find hope for the future, ‘Musician’ is like a celebration of that hope materializing. It was one of the last songs that I wrote for the album, and it’s honestly a celebration of the album itself. That’s where the title comes from. It’s like, ‘Alright, I’ve found my footing, and I know I can really do this now.’ And I just tried to throw all of my rules away and have as much fun as possible. Ironically enough, this is the least sad song on the album, but this is the song that makes me cry. It’s the fun one. I just sound so happy on that song.”

Porter Robinson Unveils Final ‘Nurture’ Single “Musician”


This marks MASN’s first release in 2021 and sets the stage for his upcoming EP which will be released later this year. MASN is currently featured in Tommy Jeans SS21 Campaign.

MASN says, “”2 Times” is about getting burned by someone and giving them a second chance, only to get screwed over again. People rarely change but we remain optimistic that the situation can be different.”


“Goodbyes” pairs ’80s vibes with edgy sad girl pop. It’s my debut single, in which I dramatically throw my tears at the end of a story that needs to be put away.

Washington D.C. Based Electronic Artist, Zaeus, Releases Hypnotic New Single “In Flames” from Upcoming Album

Have you ever walked into a store, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house and heard a new groove playing in the background that you immediately gravitate to? There’s something familiar, yet different, and it strikes a chord inside you that is hard to describe. Welcome to the “Electroanalogue” sound of Zaeus, a Washington D.C. based music collaboration that you didn’t know you were missing.

Godzilla vs Kong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Available March 26 On Watertower Music

WaterTower Music announced today the upcoming release of the soundtrack to Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ epic adventure “Godzilla vs. Kong,” the long-awaited showdown between two icons in the feature directed by Adam Wingard. Godzilla vs. Kong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) features 15 new tracks created for the film by Grammy-nominated composer Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Zack Snyder’s Justice League). The album will be released on March 26, a few days before the film’s March 31 release nationwide in 2D and 3D in select theaters and IMAX. In the U.S. It will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release. Furthermore, today, March 12, sees the release of the Godzilla vs. Kong (Battle of the Beasts) EP, allowing fans the opportunity to now hear two tracks early, before the soundtrack release. It features the Titans’ themes “Pensacola, Florida (Godzilla Theme)” and “Skull Island (Kong Theme).”

Pino Palladino and Blake Mills collaborative album “Notes With Attachments” out Today!

“It all evolved from me playing Blake a few ideas, getting a reaction from [him] and seeing if he’d be interested in working on [them],” says Palladino about the album’s genesis. “As the project evolved in the first few weeks and months, it dawned on both of us that it would be a collaborative record.” Today’s release follows singles “Just Wrong” and “Ekuté” along with live recordings of “Just Wrong, “Man from Molise,” “Djurkel” and most recently “Off the Cuff.”

Travis Tritt Releases Official Music Video for “Smoke In A Bar” – Out Now

In the new video, Tritt escapes the realities of life, going from location to location on his motorcycle, visiting the people and places that are most important to him while taking in the life and beauty surrounding him. On the new song, Tritt revisits his traditional country roots on “Smoke In A Bar,” pining for humbler times when the world was not such fast-moving, and simple things weren’t overlooked or taken for granted. The music video for “Smoke In A Bar” captures that. It is a reflective concept, capturing the Georgia-native contemplating the change in times. Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker David Abbott, the video was shot in Savannah, GA and Atlanta, GA.

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson’s new album, Theory Of Ice, is out now on You’ve Changed Records

The album was recently given a 10/10 score on Exclaim saying that each “track is loaded with references to the many beauties of nature and the climate crisis that threatens them all…”

Raissa’s debut EP HEROGIRL out today via Mark Ronson’s Zelig Records/Columbia, unveils “COLD FEET” video

The narrative arc of the HEROGIRL EP chronicles a hero’s journey, a classic story telling device wherein the protagonist crosses the threshold into another realm to learn a critical lesson that can then be applied to the normal world. Heavily influenced by Raissa’s fascination with sci-fi and fantasy aesthetics, the HEROGIRL EP positions Raissa as the hero of the story, but the EP’s embrace of child-like naivety, a complete lack of cynicism and finding strength in what you love—rather than focusing on the negative—extends far beyond the music to her audience.

VIBI Shares New Single “Fallback Girl”

“Fallback Girl,” the first single under VIBI’s new name, is a reminder that you are powerful and have evolved enough to not let yourself fall into a pattern of being someone’s second choice. Have enough self respect to let go of the people and habits that have proven to not be healthy for you.


Irish indie music legend Cathal Coughlan presents ‘The Knockout Artist’, the third offering from his forthcoming album ‘Song of Co-Aklan’, with a video created by Emmy award-winning director George Seminara. His first new music in ten years, this long-player is to be released via London label Dimple Discs.

Dumpstaphunk Releases Urgent Rendition Of Buddy Miles’s “United Nations Stomp”

New Orleans funk powerhouse Dumpstaphunk has just unleashed a rendition of Buddy Miles’s 1973 acid-fueled blues anthem “United Nations Stomp,” the third single from ‘Where Do We Go From Here,’ their first full-length album in seven years. Ignited by the exploding lead guitar of special guest Marcus King, the epic jam invokes the vintage spirit of Jimi Hendrix and Cream coupled with a touch of urgent musical angst that could be easily playlist alongside modern contemporaries Rage Against The Machine or Red Hot Chili Peppers. The track, mixed by Beastie Boys producer, Mario Caldato Jr., also features guitar legend Waddy Wachtel (Keith Richards, Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks) in a crescendoing super-jam that further cements Dumpstaphunk’s status as the heaviest funk-rock band in the land, as they gear up to release what is undeniably the most powerful and politically pointed album of their career.

Global Dan Releases Pop Punk Heartbreak Anthem “Had Me At Goodbye”

Buzzing Maryland MC / vocalist Global Dan delivers a catchy mix of pop punk melodies and sad boy bars on his Dim Mak single “Had Me At Goodbye,” produced by Blink 182’s Travis Barker and Goldfinger’s John Feldmann.

As the lead single to his forthcoming Dim Mak EP (executive produced by Steve Aoki), the young artist finds an emotional middle ground on his new pop punk heartbreak earworm. Contrasting somber, yet witty and sarcastic lyrics with an upbeat production, Global Dan creates a quintessential breakup song for the COVID era.


Singer-Songwriter, MacKenzie Bourg, is set to make 2021 his best year yet; with the release of new music in nearly 2 years and a record label deal with Preach Records. “”Good Day” is something that I needed after the weirdest year of my life, which I’m sure many people can relate to. Being in quarantine made the sad times a lot more sad, but finding someone to pull through it with is what life is all about and good days are ahead” MacKenzie says about the single; which marks the beginning of his promotions for his upcoming EP. With over 17M streams already under his belt and a Billboard Charting single, MacKenzie is ready to start this new journey with the support of Preach Records.

Darius Rucker Releases New Single “My Masterpiece,” Available Everywhere Today

Fresh off feel-good chart topper “Beers And Sunshine,” his 10th No. 1 at Country radio, Darius Rucker is back with more new music off a forthcoming album currently in the works. “My Masterpiece,” set to impact Country radio on Monday, March 22, is available everywhere now.

Darius Rucker releases ‘My Masterpiece’


Los Angeles’ burgeoning indie alternative rock trio ASHRR has returned, brandishing their signature overcast post-punk style, with a gritty new single titled “Otherside” that strikes a relevant chord in the age of pandemic, commenting on the necessity and desire for human interaction. The single is available now from Wehearnoise Records on all streaming services.

“Grammy Weeknd” Calls Out Music Industry Gatekeepers For Lack of An Even Playing Field

Established independent hip-hop artist Lucidious is back with a vengeance in his new single “Grammy Weeknd”, released just ahead of the biggest weekend in the music industry – The GRAMMYs. Standing up for his fellow artists, “Grammy Weeknd” is a direct attack on the gatekeepers of the music industry and a call to take action to right the wrongs that have become standard industry practices. Inspired after news broke of the GRAMMY snub of The Weeknd in this year’s event, Lucidious penned a song that expresses the angst and anger from fellow independent artists and calls out the major players in the music industry on their tactics to keep artists from reaching the top.


Soul Station is a band gathering some of today’s leading musicians to pay tribute to the greatest artists and songs from the R&B and soul catalog to keep this vital music current. While a surprise to many, Stanley’s early pivotal roots in this music has quietly turned this passion into a celebrated touring and recording band. Stanley’s 15-piece ensemble group has toured the U.S. and Japan, and recently recorded an album of nine classic soul songs and five new original songs.

Ashlynn Malia Shares “open” Via Cool Hunting

Ashlynn Malia shares “open,” the lead single off her upcoming EP rather be alone, due out this summer via Jullian Records/The Orchard. Cool Hunting premiered the track, who praised how “through Malia’s urgent, emotive delivery, the track’s message resounds as it is swept upon rising instrumentation.”

Ashlynn Malia: open

Introducing Singer/Songwriter MVSSIE; New Song “Monsters Under My Bed” Out Now!

Sacramento, California singer/songwriter MVSSIE released her newest single titled “Monsters Under My Bed” to all digital outlets today. The single was produced by Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft (Escape the Fate).

Pop-Country Singer/Songwriter Flo Releases Latest Single, “In My Mind”

Pop-Country singer/ songwriter Flo Olavarria sounds off the Spring season with the release of her latest single, “In My Mind,” building anticipation for a train of songs to be released in the coming months. This single details the crossing of two relationships: the one that strikes the imagination as desirable and the one that is crumbling in real-time. “In My Mind” illuminates the idea that it is easier to ignore a partner’s flaws when you desperately cling to impossible expectations. Flowers only grow when they are watered and love only blooms when both partners work at it. Flo’s clever lyrics project that if we focus our energy on falsifying reality and lying to ourselves; all that is good will exist solely in our minds. The “In My Mind” lyric video exclusively premiered today on Wide Open Country.