Where to Find a Home proceeds Calculator Online

Many people do not know all the costs that are involved when you sell a home the traditional route. There are many fees and costs involved in putting your house on the market and even additional fees when and if you close the sale. There are home proceeds calculators online that can help you to find an estimate of what you will profit from the sale of your home.

Find The Info You Will Need

Before you can use a home proceeds calculator you will need to gain certain info. You will first have to decide what your home will likely sell for. Keep in mind this is not what you want someone to pay this number needs to be conservative and represent what a buyer is likely to pay. You will need to do some research about your community to get this number.

You will want to look at homes in your area that have sold recently and find a few homes that are very similar to yours. Make sure these homes are close to the same size and age as yours. What did those homes sell for? Take the average of those and that will give you a good general idea of what you can expect to close for. If you have a real estate agent they can help you to find this number.

Speaking of real estate agents, you will need to find out what percentage of the selling price you will owe the agent at closing. This can be as much as 8 percent in some areas. Pictures will have to be taken of your property as well to list it for sale online so you need to make sure you have that amount. You will also need to figure out how much it will cost you a month to have your house on the market.

Many people forget this cost but your mortgage and bills do knot just go away once you put your house on the market. You still are responsible for the upkeep of the property and the bills for any utilities that have to remain on for it to be shown to potential buyers. You will have to do some research again to see how long houses in your area are recently staying on the market.

Remember to use a conservative number and then use the monthly amount you figure earlier to figure the total cost of having your house on the market.

Find a Home Proceeds Calculator

Ok, finding the calculator is the simple part. Finding all the info for the calculator, as you can see, is where all the work is at. Simply go online and open your search engine. Then search for “home proceeds calculator” you should receive tons of results and can use whichever one you prefer. Once you have a good idea of what you would profit you may want to contact a few companies in your area that buy homes as-is and get a quote. You may find it is a better deal to just sell it to them and not deal with trying to gamble with the market.

When you use the home proceeds calculator remember to take your time and get accurate conservative numbers so that the number you end up with is accurate. The only way you will be able to make an accurate choice in what your next steps will be is to provide yourself with accurate information. As long as you take your time and your numbers are correct you will be able to make a decision that you will be happy with.